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Re: all this LJ Bullshit

Well I guess I'm finally upping sticks. I don't use my personal journal much at all anymore, but if you want in on any future content on my part you should add me on Dreamwidth. Meet the new journal name. Same as the old journal name. I'll also be moving my icon journal over once community imports become a thing for unpaid users in a few weeks.

Alternatively if you have a plurk you'll likely have more success catching me there.

i aten't dead

I just haven't been checking my personal LJ, like, at all for the past eight months or so. Just sporadically when I need to log in to do some queenofheartsrp modwork.

So, um. What is everybody up to? If there are any posts of yours you were hoping I'd see link them here I guess.

Oh and um if you have a Plurk you should probably add me since that is the best way to keep in touch with me at this time.

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This morning, my Japanese professor was an hour late for class.

The reason is pretty easy to figure out: the time changed over the weekend. Obviously she forgot to set her clock.

So she walks in and the TA (gently) points out first that she is late, and then when she didn't figure it out, that it is actually 10:30, not 9:30. Her hand flew to her mouth, embarrassed, and we all had a few chuckles over her totally mundane and understandable mistake. She was laughing too...but then she started crying. She'd seemed fine when she walked in, but I guess the embarrassment tipped her over.

Thankfully, all her friends and family are safe (at least, I'm pretty sure all her friends are safe; it got a little hard to follow at that point), although one friend had to leave with her family, as they lived inside the evacuation zone for the ongoing nuclear accident.

There are tens of thousands of people affected by the Earthquake/Tsunami in Japan, and countless others who, although geographically distant from the disaster itself, are still close to it by virtue of friends, family, and other loved ones. If you can spare any money at all, please consider donating it through any one of these means. If you can't, please consider donating time and talent to fundraising efforts such as help_japan.

Unfortunately, this came at a time when I am overburdened with other commitments and am in a cash crunch, so I'm unable to do either. I understand if you can't either. But if you are able to: every little bit helps.

Oh, I'm sure nobody reading this does this, but to those putting down or demeaning the way in which someone chooses to help people affected by a disaster like this? Fuck you sideways. This is more important than your need to make your charity penis look bigger.
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Title: Approaching Breakthrough
Rating: PG. Little bit of cursing and...you know. Blair being Blair.
Fandom: Soul Eater
Characters/Pairings: Angela, Blair, Lisa and Alisa
Summary: Blair stumbles across a young witch in the streets of Death City, and decides to bring her back to the Club, where she gets some lessons on how to better work her magic.
Notes: Lisa and Alisa's characterization is made up almost whole cloth, for obvious reasons. I wrote this on the assumption that the way we normally see them behave is their 'stage persona' ie how they act for customers. Anime canon, but with minor non-conflicting elements from manga canon tossed in. Was written for shotwatermelon as part of se_ladyfest. Works as a companion piece to my previous fic on the subject of Angela, but can also stand alone.

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Ficpost; R-A-D-I-O

Title: Off The Air
Written for: demoerin, for fma_ladyfest
Beta'ed by: tobu_ishi
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Bradley/King Bradley as important backdrop
Summary: Mrs. Bradley takes to the airwaves of Radio Central to discuss her life, her work, and her marriage to a King.
Notes: Since Mrs. Bradley has no canonical first name, I consulted a list of German queens and arbitrarily decided on Emma for her. Written for fma_ladyfest an age ago.

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Have you ever seen Serial Experiments Lain?

If no, would you like to?

Serial Experiments Lain is a super-trippy, highly experimental anime series from the late 90s. It's brilliant, if extremely difficult to follow, and definitely a worthwhile watch, especially since it's only thirteen episodes.

It chronicles the journey of shy, socially inept, fourteen-year-old Iwakura Lain as she explores both the burgeoning electronic world of the Wired (aka the Internet) and the far more confusing world of personal relationships. Following the plot will likely give you a headache or two, but it really doesn't hurt it.

I'm going to be Livestreaming it starting this weekend, either Friday or Saturday night. If you would be interested in watching this with me, drop a comment here with what times would be best for you.
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OK I am just going to skip two because it's already late and school starts in like two days and I'm sick and can't think of anything. So sue me.

And without further ado:


Referring of course to characters, not real-life people involved in it