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We all remember this, right?

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it’s over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

Soul Eater this time.

01. Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks
Chrona wasn't sure how to deal with ducks.

They were small, but not too small, and they flapped around and splashed and looked at you. She went fleeing behind a bush as they turned their wicked gaze back over towards her again. Chrona didn't like it when they looked at her.

"Oi, Chrona!" Ragnarok protested, popping out of her back. "How long are we gonna waste here? I'm starving!"

Chrona feebly shushed him.

"Eh?" Ragnarok said, half astonished and half enraged to see Chrona stand up to it. "What's that, you little runt!?" it demanded, tugging on her face in a most painful fashion.

"Stooooop it," Chrona pleaded. "If you make too much noise you'll scare them away!"

Ragnarok stopped, and stared for a moment. Then it did its equivalent of a shrug and vanished back into her back. "Whatever."

Chrona hunched behind the bush again, watching, almost nervously. She watched as the little ducklings swam down the pond with their parents, as they had done every day since she had started coming here.

They hadn't been hurt yet. Chrona wanted to see if that would hold.

02. Gorillaz - 5/4
Soul's fingered danced across the keyboard, playing perfectly for a bar and a half before the odd time signature of the piece tripped him up again, and his hands went out of sync. He stomped his foot angrily as her turned away fromt he piano. He'd need to cool down before he'd be any good again.

"Why do you even want to learn that piece so badly?" Maka asked as she poured him a glass of water. "It's just weird and unnecessarily difficult."

"That's why I want to learn it," Soul said, knowing she wouldn't fully understand. Maka was not a musician.

03. Barenaked Ladies- Life in a Nutshell

Chrona sat on the outside. She always had. She always would. And she knew that she probably would for the rest of her life.

Even with Maka. Maka was the best friend she had, and she was Chrona's supporting pillar and all sorts of other wonderful things, and Chrona was glad to have her. But she knew that Maka and she would never have a relationship like the one Maka had with Soul. No matter how much Chrona might want it.

04. Motoi Sakuraba - The True Mirror

Asura was enormous. Maybe it was a trick of the mind, like so many other hallucinations he--it--produced, but it seemed as real as anything any of them had ever seen.

The strange thing, though, is that his body wasn't. Asura himself was no larger than he had been the last time he had battled in Death City. What was different was that above him, there loomed a presence, something there and not there, looming above them all, waiting to swallow them up.

05. Mae - Reflections

Spirit Albarn had a bad track record with his daughter. Everyone knew that.

Maka Albarn hated her father. Everyone knew that, too.

What they didn't know is that in her bedside table, Maka Albarn had a box. And inside that box were photographs, trinkets, rocks, souvenirs...memories from a time when her father had been someone she had looked up to. A time before she started hating him. A time when she dreamed of being a Death Scythe one day, and not a Meister.

She doesn't keep it because her hatred of him is fake; it isn't. She keeps the box, and its contents, because sometimes, in the middle of the night, she needs to remind herself that a time like that did exist, and that she had not simply dreamed the whole thing up.

06. Orange Range - Asterisk

A witch, living among students who are being trained to hunt them. A professor slowly losing his mind, resisting vainly as the cracks in his sanity spider outwards. Partners too stubborn to admit how they feel, even to themselves. The demon tools, and what SHinigami does with them...

Death City is a city of secrets. No wonder it needs a human lie detector to get to the center of anything.

07. Great Big Sea - Can't Stop Falling

"You're being ridiculous."

Soul was forced to shrug and admit that yes, perhaps he was being a little ridiculous. And he knew she wouldn't want it any other way.

Maka laughed, and rolled over on top of him. "If you want me to tell you something like that, you're going to have to pony up something in return, bucko."

He asked what she had in mind, and she responded. And he answered:

"Every day, every hour, from the first time we resonated. I've never stopped."

Maka hit him, gently, and called him a sap.

08.Motoi Sakuraba - Enshrined

Things happen, when you're alone in the dark.

That's why the Meisters and Weapons of Shibusen travel in pairs: Without a partner to illuminate the darkness for you, you can find yourself lost forever, with only the things that lurk in it for company.

Justin Law had no partner. It was a point of pride with him. And so, when the darkness surrounded him, he had nobody to help.

09. VOTA - Alright

Maka grunted as they were forced down to the ground again. The demon they'd come to slay this time was huge; much bigger than the briefings had predicted. Soul's blade pierced it, but not deeply enough to do any real damage. The thing was just too large.

It, on the other hand, had no trouble doing damage to hr and everything around them.

"Oi, Maka! You alright?" Soul asked.

"I'm fine," she responded, fingers closing tighter aorund his handle. She'd be fine, as long as they were together. Nothing could stop them when they worked together.

10. Great Big Sea - Tickle Cove Pond

"I'm fine! The great Me couldn't possibly have trouble with something like this!"

Maka sighed. She'd known Black*Star would be less than willing to accept help, but she'd come anyways, because Tsubaki had asked her to. Being friends with Tsubaki meant putting up with this idiot from time to time.

"If you were fine, you'd have gotten yourself out an hour ago," she pointed out. "The fact that you're still stuck in between two buildings, of all stupid places, speaks for itself."

"The gap's a lot skinnier than it looks!" Black*Star protested. And indeed, he had somehow managed to get himself wedged between the roofs of two houses, constructed less that a foot apart.

"Do you want my help, or not?" she asked. "We could always go tell Sid-sensei about this. I'm sure he could get you out in no time."

That last threat did the trick. Humiliating as this was in front of Tsubaki and Maka, showing off his predicament to Sid was a but more than his pride could bear. Black*Star reluctantly extended a hand.

"Fine," he said. "I'll let you have some of the glory for My glorious escape."

"I'll pass," Maka said, taking the extended hand, while Tsubaki took the other, and they both pulled.
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