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If you read Naruto and Bleach on a weekly basis, and do not also read Fairy Tail and/or One Piece to balance out the fail with some awesome, I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU SURVIVE. I really do not.

OK so context: One Piece's main character, Luffy, has an older brother. His name is Ace. While Luffy is an up-and-coming rookie pirate, Ace is a pretty big name in the pirate industry: He's the commander of the second division of the Whitebeard pirates.

The Whitebeard pirates are basically THE most badass and powerful pirate crew in a world populated by a LOT of pirates. Even the government doesn't dare touch them, because the Whitebeard Pirates have a policy: You lay a finger on one of them, and they come after you.

But all is not well among the Whitebeard pirates. One of the men under Ace's command, Marshall D. Teach (aka Bleackbeard) killed the commander of the fourth division, and ran off. As per their usual policy, Ace has to take responsibility by hunting him down.

When he finally catches up to him, though, Blackbeard turns out to be considerably more powerful than expected, and manages to overpower and defeat Ace. He then turns Ace over to the government, in exchange for membership in the Shichibukai, which are seven extremely powerful pirates who work for the World Government in exchange for amnesty for their crimes. The World Government decides to publically execute him, knowing full well that it will draw Whitebeard out into a direct conflict with them.

So the execution date arrives and, true to form, Whitebeard's entire fleet shows up. Marshalled against them are all of the World Government's significant military forces. It's going to be an epic throw down. And as Whitebeard himself steps up to the bow of his ship and personally challenges the government to a fight, we get a flashback (about half a chapter) detailing Ace's past, filling in some of the gaps in what we already know, and describing how he joined the Whitebeard pirates and etc. It culminates in this:


So. MANLY. And so awesome. And I need to point out that in most shonen manga (specifically Bleach and Naruto) the flashback would have been several chapters long, and would not have blended in and out nearly so seamlessly.

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