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asdkl this has been building up for quite a while but I'm just going to let it all out. Spoilers for recent Naruto chapters.

I never thought I would be raging over INO of all characters. I have never found her even slightly interesting. Really, there isn't anything more to her in canon than 'bossy girl who wants to bone Sasuke' and I can't really get interested in that.

(I can hear you saying now, 'But Peter! But Peter! You love Tenten and she arguably has even less than that!' To which I respond 'yes, but you have to bear in mind SHUT UP YOU'RE RUINING EVERYTHING PURE AND DECENT'. In seriousness it's probably the 'wants to bone Sasuke' thing that turns me off her character)

But, OK, Kishimoto managed to make me rage over his treatment of a character that I have exactly no investment in. MIRACLEHATE. Remember this page? Yeah, that's Ino. Crying over the fact that they're going to have to hella kill Sasuke.

It's like a volcano of hatred went off in my head! Sakura, fine. She was his teammate, she formed a close relationship with him, and saving him has been her mission in life for years. If she's ging to cry over him, then that is perfectly fine. But INO? Ino who never formed an actual relationship with him? Ino who barely even ever spoke to him? Ino who has not seen him or, up until this moment, as far as we can tell, even thought about him in over THREE YEARS!?

Guess what, Kishimoto. Sometimes, people, even girls, GET OVER the crushes they have when they are twelve years old! Seriously! This happens, I promise you! Especially when the person in question fucks off for THREE FUCKING YEARS and you never even knew the person in question, anyway!

Sometimes, people GET OVER THEIR INFATUATIONS. Especially over the course of years, and especially as you go through puberty. What was the point in that timeskip, if you weren't going to have your characters grow up in the interim!?

Ino crying over Sasuke, at this point in the story, is complete and utter bullshit, and just symptomatic of the standard misogynistic garbage that Kishimoto loves to shovel into his work. God, fuck this manga. MIRACLEHATE.

Not even the fact that Tenten speaks can save that page. Also who wants to write some Tenten/Ino now? I know I do.

In more happy manga-related news, this popped up over at fandomsecrets and I couldn't agree more!

Or, as Dr. Nurse over in /jam/ said:

What I learned from Fairy Tail:

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