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MY LOVE FOR DRAGONBALL IS NEVERENDING AND HAS RECENTLY BEEN REKINDLED. Especially Piccolo. Oh god I love that guy. Especially when he's learning how to drive BEST FILLER EPISODE EVER YOU GUYS

Dragonball - 20 icons
Kuriren - 02
Nappa - 01
Piccolo - 15
Son Goku - 01
Tenshinhan - 01

One Piece - 10
Inazuma - 01
Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) - 06
Monkey D. Luffy - 02
Nico Olvia - 01
Nico Robin - 01


Here at excusemewtfru

- the usual policies apply
- like what you see? Then watch this comm for future updates! Seriously whenever I see the number of watchers tick up it gives me warm fuzzies inside.
Tags: dragonball, icons, one piece

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