PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Less than sixteen hours now until I leave Japan and go back home. Tokyo is awesome. No, Ann, I did not purchase schoolgirl panties from vending machines (although if I had seen any, I might have purchased them just so I could say that I had), but I did do a pretty thorough primer course on Japanese cuisine, from Ramen to Sashimi, saw two movies (which will make some people on my flist burn up with jealousy), bought a metric assload of doujinshi, ran out of money twice, photographed cosplayers, AND played most of my way through Spirit Tracks. Not to mention saw the Princess Bride for the first time (shut uuuuuuuup), lost my hat, bought a pirate-themed hat to replace it, and dorked around with tobu_ishi an awful lot. All in all, a productive week!

Bawww, I don't want to go home.

Incidentally, public baths are a lot less weird than you'd expect, especially when you're practically blind without your glasses.

More complete post once I'm in Canada again!
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