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So guys, Stormy just tried to recruit me to brofist_tv.

Yes, that Stormy.

I'm going to post the chat log here because this is maybe the funniest thing that has ever happened to me. Bear in mind when reading this, that I had no idea who I was talking to until later, when I saw the AIM name listed on the dude's ED article.

dawnshards (12:10:37 AM): ahoy there! I play at brofistleague, which is a totally great RP which has a Kurosawa cast!
dawnshards (12:10:54 AM): Would you be interested in apping Nagaoka with our Kurosawa, Sugawa and Kitahara?
pikabot (12:11:55 AM): Not at brofist, sorry.
dawnshards (12:12:45 AM): .. oh! Well, that's disappointing :( Is there a reason?
pikabot (12:13:19 AM): Not interested in playing at Stormy's musebox.
dawnshards (12:13:47 AM): I don't know if you could call a game with over 5 players a musebox.
pikabot (12:14:00 AM): Well, it's sort of an evolved musebox
dawnshards (12:14:01 AM): 25*
dawnshards (12:14:21 AM): Have you played at this game? I mean, to judge it.
pikabot (12:15:03 AM): Anyways, I'm not interested in doing anything that would bring me in any sort of close proximity to Stormy.
dawnshards (12:15:12 AM): No one at BFL goes by that name.
dawnshards (12:16:51 AM): Did this person do some horrible personal injustice to you or something?
Is it going to affect your entire life to be within ten feet of someone you probably know absolutely nothing about?
This sounds like a reputation thing and on LJ, I don't think "reputations" represent anything but baseless rumors that are perpetuated until no one can ever hope to defend themselves
pikabot (12:17:28 AM): He plays under idiocracy. ANd it's not baseless rumors.
dawnshards (12:18:04 AM): I think it's also kind of offensive to assume that the entire game is bad because of some vague, uninformed opinion you might have without actually knowing the person
dawnshards (12:18:25 AM): by calling it a musebox you're also being rude towards the numerous other players there who are not that person.
pikabot (12:19:36 AM): Dude, I'm not interested. You asked me for a reason, and I gave it to you. I'm not neccessarily saying it's a bad game, but that I'm not interested in playing there. DIfferent things.
dawnshards (12:20:14 AM): Well, alright.
I just don't appreciate you kinda saying that it's "some person's musebox" when it's obviously an RP.
dawnshards (12:20:41 AM): Like I said, we have a heck of a lot of players last I checked!
That's how you feel though, and I respect that
dawnshards (12:20:49 AM): we all have preferences, right? Sorry to bother you
pikabot (12:20:53 AM): It started as his musebox, it evolved weirdly into a game.
dawnshards (12:21:10 AM): I don't think you have a right to say what it is or was unless you have played there.
dawnshards (12:21:16 AM): Just sayin'.
pikabot (12:21:34 AM): I'm familiar with the history surrounding it.
dawnshards (12:22:01 AM): That's second hand information.
pikabot (12:22:26 AM): Ah, you know him as Mino
dawnshards (12:22:52 AM): No one in the game has ever had a problem. We're absolutely drama-free.
pikabot (12:23:09 AM): He's got a well-documented history as someone I want nothing to do with.
dawnshards (12:25:24 AM): Have a good day, sir or madam.
dawnshards signed off at 12:25:28 AM

I spent the whole conversation wondering why the fuck this person was getting so defensive about brofist in general and Stormy in specific. LOL I KNOW NOW

Incidentally, although I'm flocking this, and it's usually not kosher to spread around stuff posted under flock, if you want to in this case feel free, so long as you don't connect my name to it.
Tags: funniest thing ever, rp
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