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And read this.

Link scythed from pookaseraph. It's a lengthy and absolutely devastating dissection of trashy pop-rap song 'TiK ToK' (sic). It is amazing in a number of ways. It not only illustrates beautifully why 'TiK ToK' is so loathesome, in the process it also gave me a new appreciation for a totally different song that I am not and likely never will be terribly fond of (Beyonce's 'Single Ladies').

It is absolutely glorious. I hope that one day, I can be as wonderfully evocative as this man. Examples:

the problem with “TiK ToK” is that once you strip away its hedonistic veneer, it becomes apparent that the song actually operates with all the devil-may-care flippancy of a SWAT team clearing a building.

I will point out—just for the sake of context—that wrestling’s reliance on its audience’s pronounced disinterest in peeking behind the curtain rhymes pretty conspicuously with a mode of discourse that contemporary philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt identified in a 1986 essay as bullshit

Absolute bloody perfection.

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