PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Just finished watching that big Starcraft II tournament in Germany.

The third-place match was something like this:

Totally awesome. Every victory was a hard-won one, with a ton of back-and-forth. Two top-level players, playing at the top of their game, forcing the other into marathon matches that exhausted the whole map's resources. Tons of harass, tons of macro, some very fantastic micro as well. When Dimaga dropped a pair of fungal growths on Tarson's marine formations, and then melted them away with a wave of banelings, it was incredible.

And then the finals rolled around.

And they were more like this:

I'm not going to try and discredit the skills of the players involved, but from a spectator's perspective these matches were a huge disappointment. They were all extremely short, and pretty one-sided. Not a lot really happened. The second match was alright, I guess, but for the rest, pretty much the only interesting things that happened were MorroW psyching IdrA out in the last round by hiding his factory, and that reversal in I think the third match, when it looked like IdrA had the advantage for a moment before suddenly losing.

Same story every time: MorroW swoops in with a hard Reaper build, takes out a queen and some zerglings that were stupid enough to run off creep, takes out the expansion,a nd that's pretty much game.

Tags: starcraft
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