PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

I managed to get ten hours of sleep last night. GO ME.

Also, I remembered a dream for the first time in...a long time.

I was at Church with my family. They were all running around preparing for something, and I had nothing to do. I THINK I was there because afterward we were all going to some manner of bar where I had to do something. But anyways, I got bored and wandered off outside, promising to be back in a while.

I walk for a while until, suddenly, by the powers of dream-logic, I'm on a dock. And not just any dock. This is the dock that we hung out on during my Biology class' trip to New Brunswick back in grade twelve. I'm sorta bumming around, watching the boats come in and out, when a guy who looked like Ghandi only with darker skin asks me-in perfect, unaccented english-if I would like a ride. I've got nothing better to do, so I say sure.

This guy starts his boat up, and is going down the dock, yelling at me to jump on. I run and jump but miss and fall into the water, all the way to the bottom just above the seaweed. I'm freaked the fuck out and swim upwards, managing to catch up with his boat and pull myself aboard. He shakes his hand, tells me his name-which I've since forgotten-and says welcome aboard his boat.

It is worth mentioningat this point that his boat was a Lego Boat. And I don't mean that it was a normal-sized boat constructed of thousands of lego pieces. I mean it was like one of those lego sets that are small boats, only SCALED UP. He was also dragging behind him a series of platforms, which were like those flat base lego pieces nobody knows how to use. I did not realize the resemblance to lego until I woke up.

As we talked, he stood on these platforms and threw into the water a net that looked exactly like the one Don Krieg used on Luffy. Whenever he pulled it out of the water, he would drop the fish into a tiny bucket, which never got full. I don't remember what we talked about, but I do remember a radio news report about a poor kid who had fallen overboard and was going to drown, but then was picked up by a passing fishing boat. Unfortunately, the mafia later boarded the boat and shot everyone aboard dead, including the kid.

It was at that point that I fell overboard. Once again, I sank all the way to the bottom, but fortunately I managed to grab onto the guy's net and he was pulling me up. As he did, I could somehow hear the radio news report talking about how 'it's funny how he died like that. I mean, in California waters you'd think the crocodiles would get him'. Suddenly I realized that I WAS surrounded by crocodiles, and they were trying to eat me, but the guy was pulling me up too quickly.

He puleld me up so quickly, it sent me flying over from the platform, crashing into the lego-roof of his boat. I was dazed and staggered inside, only to find that at the end of a corridor there was a living room, blocked off with two identical love seats. In it, I could see a TV and VCR, and a bunch of VHSs, including a few Duck Tales ones. Over on one side of the room was one of those folding cribs. The guy came up to me and told me to be quiet, because his little daughter was sleeping in there.

So the guy somehow retracts all his platforms, and he heads back to shore. He pulls him at a small (non-existant) dock just a bit through the woods next to the beach at Camp Opemikon(I CAN'T SPELL). He shakes my hand again, and says that it was a pleasure having me aboard. THat's when I realize that, on his arm at least, he's got patches of pale skin, much like this wierd-looking black woman on my bus.

I'm climbing off, but the guy keeps stopping me, telling me about his place in Washington(I think he said he was running an amusement park, but don't quote me) and that I should come visit sometime, and he keeps stopping me getting off the boat by telling me how to get there. I smile and say that I'll drop by, knowing full well that although I liked the old guy, I would definately neither stop by nor remember where it is.

I climb up the big stairs up the slope. At the top is a wierd gateway with a door on it. I'm surrounded on every side by hundreds of naked children, who are all frolicking around and learning long division. I climb the final stair, open the door, step through...and suddenly I'm back at the church. I step inside, and my mother tells me that we don't need to go to the bar after all. Then I woke up.

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