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A differing from the norm

Usually, I spend my time here ranting on something, but today I'm gonna take a bit more traditional route and blab about my life.

First, Shrek 2 is amazing. Tomorrow I hope to go see the Chronicles of Riddick. That'll be fun.

School, on the other hand, is most certainly not. It's like, BLEAHISUEXAMSSUMMATIVESDEATH. Oh well, only until wendesday, then I can sleep the day away.

I made a funny flash movie for my media class, but for some reason my internet is FUBARed. I can surf and do certain things, but I can't access Battle.net with Warcraft 3 and I can't upload the movie to the internet. The wierd thing is, Control Panel claims that it's disconnected, yet it still functions. It's a real mystery.

Job hunting sucks. I've been searching, but so far, no dice. Ah well. Hopefully I'll find one soon.

Next, finally, and most importantly, is a friend of mine. Those of you who hang out around IBWF may remember her as kattt_, who appeared in the Ratty Door Mat, posted twice, and then vanished. She's been in the hospital for a while now. She gets out, then she tries to kill herself, or plans to, and then gets back in. She suffers from severe depression and anxiety. It's not fun, and it's certainly not a good thing for me to be worrying about during exams. I hope she gets better.
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