March 22nd, 2009


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peri_peteia has this thing. No, actually, to be more precise, sainfoin_fields has this thing, and peri_peteia spoke of it, but the description Rawles gave is so perfect that IT IS WHAT I GO BY:

sainfoin_fields calls it MIRACLEHATE. It is what happens when you hate a thing SO MUCH that you cannot possibly conceive of hating it more and then yet somehow YOU DO. YOU HATE IT SO MUCH MORE. As if by the power of the WORLD'S MOST TERRIBLE MAGIC or DIVINE INTERVENTION.

I am convinced that everybody possesses within them the capacity for MIRACLEHATE. It is like an allergy, but from one's sensibilities instead of one's immune system. If you are lucky, you may never truly encounter the object of your MIRACLEHATE

Or you can be me, I guess, although I don't recommend it.

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