December 12th, 2009

mikagami say WHUT

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I fucking hate Grant Morrison. I wish he would go away and never come back. He has produced some good work (Animal Man, We3) but he's always been hit-or-miss, and everything he's produced for the past five years has been garbage. Pretentious, poorly-plotted, unbelievably stupid garbage. I can't even stand All-Star Superman, and that's the one recent work of his that most people agree is good.

The man seems to be incapable of writing stories. He writes scenes, with no obvious connection between them, arranges them in a random order and expects us to make sense of them. Fuck that, says I, it's the storyteller's job to make it make sense. Even if something's meant to be confusing at first blush, by the time the story is finished the reader should intuitively understand the timeline. That doesn't happen with a Grant Morrison comic.

Plus, his comics of late are just stupid. What made him think it was a good idea to write a comic about Batman running around high on crystal meth? What made him think it was a good idea to play continuity porn with a bunch of Silver Age bullshit that was best left forgotten? What made him think anything that happened in Final Crisis was a good idea? I don't know, I just wish he would stop it. When the man's on he can do great stuff, but he hasn't been on since 2004.

I also wish people would stop treating him like some sort of comics god! He's really, really not. If that title belongs to anyone it's probably Warren Ellis, or possibly Neil Gaiman. Certainly not Grant Fucking Morrison.