November 9th, 2010



Have you ever seen Serial Experiments Lain?

If no, would you like to?

Serial Experiments Lain is a super-trippy, highly experimental anime series from the late 90s. It's brilliant, if extremely difficult to follow, and definitely a worthwhile watch, especially since it's only thirteen episodes.

It chronicles the journey of shy, socially inept, fourteen-year-old Iwakura Lain as she explores both the burgeoning electronic world of the Wired (aka the Internet) and the far more confusing world of personal relationships. Following the plot will likely give you a headache or two, but it really doesn't hurt it.

I'm going to be Livestreaming it starting this weekend, either Friday or Saturday night. If you would be interested in watching this with me, drop a comment here with what times would be best for you.