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Oh my god, today sucked. Sucked SO. MUCH.

My whole department got moved to a different room. Permanently, or until we move out to our permanent location in August, anyways. I was told ahead of time that this new room is like a third the size of our old one, but I laughed that off. Surely that couldn't be the case. Surely, they wouldn't try to fit us all into a space that small, right? RIGHT?


The room is fucking TINY. And worse yet, it's goddamn hot in there. I mean, unbearably so. It got to the point where we were dicking with the thermostat and then whistling innocently when the maintenance guy came around.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, it was busy all. Fucking. Day. Even at the slowest time, there was less than a minute between calls. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

And of course, lucky me, my brother gave me his sore throat over the weekend. This is a very bad thing to have when you make your living answering phones.

Just to top it off, to make today a perfect sandwich of SHITTY, at the very last minute before I would get to go home, I get a call from one of the stupidest women I have ever spoken to. I mean, she wasn't the dumbest, but she was top ten at LEAST.

The whole conversation went like this:

Me: We don't have record of recieving your receipts.
Her: But I sent them!
Me:I'm not saying you didn't, but we didn't receive them. They must have gotten lost in the mail.
Her: But I sent you the originals, I don't have any other copies.
Me: You shouldn't have sent us the originals (you dumb harlot), we actually prefer photocopies.
Her: Whatever. Send my receipts back to me.
Me:...we don't have them.
Her: Yes you do! I sent them!!



Fuck, that bitch just DID NOT GET that sometimes, the mail is lost.

When she finally gave up and disconnected, I fucking spiked my headset on the desk and screamed "STUPID FUCKING BITCH!"

Supervisor:...you DO have her on mute, right?

Seriously, there were twenty-second breaks in the conversation because I could not think of anything to say that would not get me in trouble. The urge to get snarky and/or condescending increased exponentially with ever moment she was on the phone until it was hardly resistable.

Fuck. Tomorrow better be better.
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