PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

When the hell did I become such a softie?

I finally got around to reading Nana's Everyday Life and it depressed the living fuck out of me. Seriously, your mental processes while reading this comic go something like this:

"Hehe, this is sorta funny. All this bad stuff is happening to her but it's just silly. What the fuck were people talking about?

"Oh man, this just keeps going. It isn't quite as funny as it used to be. Jesus fuck can this girl just get a break? Holy hell, what a shitty life.

"Oh holy fuck this is sad. Wait, wait, this is starting to get a little better. Things are turning around for her! Things still aren't perfect, but it's definately an improvement over-

"Oh no. Oh god no. Oh nononononono. That is just not fair. No, no, no, NANAAAAAAAAAAA ;_;"

Which leads me to wonder: When the hell did I get so weepy? I mean, when was a kid I had a heart of STONE. Nothing I watched, read, or saw ever made me sad, and it certainly didn't make me cry. These days, though, every little thing leaves me choked up. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but when the hell did this metamorphosis happen, and how?

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