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Holy shit was work awful today. It was just so busy the whole day. We had a queue starting from two PM going all the way out to five minutes before the day ended at 8 PM. That means, breaks notwithstanding, 6 straight hours of calls. What the fuck, it's JUNE, there's no deadlines or any shit like that. I know it's a Monday, but still. What the fuck.

On top of that, the stupid assholes in charge of our break schedules reverted mine back to its horribly shitty point of origin. Meaning that I get in at noon, have my first break at 1:30, have my lunch at 3:00, have my last break at 4:45, and then have THREE HOURS SOLID, at the busiest time of the night, before I get to go home. It was a shitty break schedule then, and it's just as bad now. I can understand why they would actually out a break schedule into effect, as last thursday twelve people took lunch at the same time, but why am I stuck going back to this? I wish I could find whatever fuckwad put this together so I could make him die in a fire.

The good news is that we finally know when and where the call center is moving to a new location, and it's like ten minutes from my house! Come August 6th, my gas costs are going to get bloody quartered.
Tags: bitching, fuck you assholes, work
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