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There was a lot here to like. The siege of Hogwarts was appropriately epic. Neville turned into a badass overnight. Snape turned out to be a good guy after all. Hagrid jumping off a flying motorbike to tackle a Death Eater in midair. They broke out of Gringotts RIDING ON A MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON. Neville's grandmother. Good stuff all around.

Some of it, though? Not so hot. Rowling still can't write romance for shit, which is annoying in the extreme when it's such a large part of the story. The action scenes were muddled, and at times difficult to follow. And some of the ending just makes NO SENSE. How did Draco become master of the Elder Wand? I can't figure it out. In addition to that, is it just me or is that fucking wand the biggest go-nowhere subplot of all time? Also, there were so many SHOCKING DEATHS of minor characters that it felt like I was reading Infinite Crisis all over again.

The epilogue annoys me almost exclusively because of the names. ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER what is this twelve-year-old fanfiction? Grr.

Definitely more good than bad, though.
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