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So in case you missed it, they're 'Rebooting' ReBoot. But rather than doing the sane and kind thing by just continuing where it left off, they're doing some weird shit with it. A trilogy of movies, that are set int he same world but annoyingly enough do NOT resolve the end of Season Four. Which is a pisser.

Now, here's the weird thing. They actually drew up FIVE different proposals, each with a different team, and we, the Users, get to decide which one makes it. This came as a relief to me: sure, it may be a reimagining, but at least one's got to be good, right?

OK, not quite right. They all kind of suck. Arrival and Reboot 2.0 are the best ones, and both show some promise, but they have glaring weaknesses as well: Reboot 2.0 showcases some of the worst Bob and Dot designs of all time, and Arrival's script reads like the worst kind of weak Season One episode.

But all this is overshadowed by the hilaribad that is The Last Guardian. It's SO BAD. It seriously reads like horribly bad mary sue fanfiction. Just check out this synopsis:

"For 17 years Megabyte has ruled, his wife Dot and teenage daughter Bit by his side. Then Dot falls ill. Secretly, she asks Bit to find the only man who can save her: the disgraced guardian, Bob."

If you are not rolling on the floor right now, YOU ARE NOT HUMAN.

And it only gets worse from there. It's so bad it's just brain-blowingly hilarious. Read it, read all of it, and fear not for the reaction on the site is overwhelmingly negative.

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