PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Tonight was less than awesome

Well. That was a throughly humiliating experience.

At 9:40 PM I left to drive my cousin to work. I haven't been in this area for a couple years, but I'd driven back and forth a few times in the past couple of days and I figured I could manage to make it back fine. Apparently I was incorrect.

So basically to get from Moncton to McKees Mills by highway, you need to get off the highway at Shediac and then head north until you get to the exit that says St-Antoine. Unfortunately, my memory painted over the middle step, and I was convinced that the exit was on the highway.

So I drove down the highway, looking for the exit, and not finding it, until we get to the Traffic Circle just before the Confederation Bridge and I know that I've gone WAY too fucking far. So I turn around, and head back the other way, still looking for the exit.

I do this for about an hour, going back and forth, looking for an exit that doesn't exist, and becoming increasingly more frustrated with each pass.

So. Let's review.

1. I am lost. Completely lost. And I'm lost in New Brunswick, which means I have NO IDEA WHERE ANYTHING IS.

2. I have no cell phone.

3. Even if I HAD a cell phone, I couldn't call for help, as I don't know what the fucking phone number is out here.

4. It is dark as fuck. I mean, I need to turn on my high-beams to even read the exit signs.


Eventually, I stop at a gas station and purchase a map, then spend twenty minutes poring over it to figure out where I am, and where my destination is. Then I finally head on my way.

I get in a 1:40 AM.


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