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I just got back from the last day of the Ottawa Animation Festival, which was pretty fuckawesome.

Me and my friend went downtown to go to the final day of the Animation Festival. First thing we hit up was a Disney presentation, which was showing off a new Goofy'How To' short, titled 'How to Plug In Your Home Theater'. Lassiter's restarting the shorts department as well as the traditional animation. The short was pretty fucking hilarious. We came in late and missed the first few minutes, but at the end they showed it again while the Disney guys snuck out of the darkened theater.

Then the directors and the head animators talked for a while about the production of the feature, which was a weird and sort of jarring experience for me. You have these guys talking about the work they've done on the past, and they're talking about how they did work on Rescuers Down Under and Little Mermaid and Mulan and Emperor's New Groove and Aladdin and all this shit from my childhood, all nonchalantly. It was Business As Usual for them. Just doing their job. And there was this one guy who said that he was lead animator for the characters of Mulan, Ariel, Jasmine, and all these other Disney chicks and here I am thinking oh my god I owe like six of my childhood boners to you.

After that we went off and watched an hour-and-a-half reel of old UPA cartoons. I must admit, I had never heard of them before. I'd heard of Mister Magoo and I think someone once mentioned Gerald McBoing-Boing in my presence, but that was it. Some of them were entertaining, some of them were terrible, some of them were uproariously funny. One in particular sparked my interest, as it was called 'Jamaican Daddy' but was for some reason chock full of MEXICAN stereotypes, which was just bizarre.

After that was done, there really wasn't anything for use to do for the two hours until the Closing Ceremonies started. We wandered around, killed some time. At six o'clock we went to a Shawarma place for supper, which was. Well. it was easily the most mysterious restaurant experience of my life.

Let me preface this by saying that I have never had a Shawarma before in my life. So I was going into this completely blind. My friend wasn't much better off.

So, we step into this shop. it's a tiny, cramped, hot as hell place. And there's this music BLASTING. Like, this insane music, sort of catchy, in a foreign language, being BLASTED at deafening levels. We cannot hear a thing over the sound of it.

So the guy behind the counter turns and yells something at us. I don't ctch it because of the music, so I cup a hand to my ear and shout 'WHAT?'. Then he shouts it again and this time I catch it:


I could disagree, but this guy's looking at me sort of crazy-like. I got the distinct impression that if I disagreed, my name would be added to his List. So I sort of nod weakly and mouth an affirmation.

My friend orders, and then I approach the counter. He shouts something at me. I ask him to repeat it. He shouts it again, I STILL can't hear him. He shouts it again, and this time I get it:


I'm still not sure what he means by this, but at this point I just want to get something vaguely resembling food, and get out of this hellhole. So i shout YES! YES! at him, and he sets to work.

The end result is that five minutes later I'm walking away with a foodstuff wrapped in tinfoil, and I have no idea what the hell I just purchased. Tasted alright, I guess. Very filling. For five dollars, that's a pretty good value.

Anyways, following the MEAL FROM THE FIFTH DIMENSION we went to the Closing Ceremonies, which were dull, but lead directly into a 'best of Show' reel which was awesome. Some of it, like Madame Tutli-Putli or the Golden Age Archives, were fucking incredible. Some of it left me unimpressed (how the hell Milk Teeth warranted a spot, I don't know) but on the whole a VERY enjoyable experience.

So yeah, that was my day.

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