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Meme taken from moonlightnrain. Comment on this post, and I'll reply with seven interests of yours that I would like you to explain all indepth in your journal.

Alex Row. Badass supreme. From the anime series Last Exile, he's the captain of the Silvana, deadliest ship in the skies. Like everyone from Last Exile, he has an interesting, well-rounded character. His bitter feud with the mysterious Guild, and its leader, Maestro Delphine, propels him through the story, taking him and his ship all over the world. He's not the most social of fellows, but between his completely awesome appearance and the sheer badassery he exudes on a regular basis, he manages to get by.

Five Iron Frenzy. This unique band was formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2003, and were completely fucking awesome. This eight-person band blended elements of Punk and Ska to create a sound that, when combined with front man Reese Roper's energetic voice and intelligent lyrics, was completely their own. Although officially a Christian Rock band, they were not JUST that. Much of their repertoire concerned itself with such silly issues as the Blue Comb that Reese's little sister threw out the car window back in '78, not wanting to get up in the morning, and how awesome Canada is. Other songs deal with Serious Issues, like the United States' horrible history with native groups, globalization and large-scale capitalism, and the inherent fickleness of the media. This band has for srs got something for everybody. Here, have a sample of their music.

Going Merry. The Straw-Hat Pirates(the main characters of One Piece)'s first ship, and the one most heavily associated with them (as they've only ever had one other and it hasn't been around for long). A small caravel with a sheep's head for a figurehead, this ship's sails were emblazoned with a chipper-looking Jolly Roger wearing a straw hat, and it oddly enough had a small grove of orange trees on deck. This ship is. I don't know what I can say without spoiling, but...this ship is the only vessel, seagoing or otherwise, that has ever had a scene that made me cry. Like, nothing to do with any other characters, just THE SHIP. It is the best boat EVER.

Icybrian. Icy's is a large RPG page, run by the Ice-man himself. I joined the forum back in summer of '02, then spent several years getting the verbal shit kicked out of me because damn, was I ever a moron and the forum is full of people who were really smart! I feel this was probably a good thing for me. To this day, I consider Icy's to be one of the best communities on the internets.

Trigun. A manga and anime series focused around the adventures of Vash the Stampede, the dreaded outlaw with the ludicrous bounty of $$60,000,000,000. He's credited with destroying two towns, causing mass chaos, and generally fucking people's shit up...but he's actually a pacifist who would sooner die than take another human life. CRAZYNESS ENSUES.

Usopp. The fourth member of One Piece's Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp is a lying coward who is also an absurdly good marksman and inventive fighter, once you catch him and force him to fight. Unlike the other members of the crew, Usopp possesses no superhuman capabilities. He and the navigator, Nami, used to be united in this, but then he went and built her a weapon that lets her control the weather, and that went right out the window. Despite his physical shortcomings, Usopp still manages to contribute to the crew's success with his natural sharp-shooting abilities, his engineering skills, and tactical thinking. I hated him at first, but man did he ever grow on me. Usopp is my Captain.

Zoro. The second member of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew, Zoro is technically speaking the first mate, although he basically never assumes his role. He is a swordsman who specializes in a three-sword style that he developed himself: He holds one katana in each hand, and grips the handle of a third in his teeth. Although this is plainly a ridiculous way to fight, such is One Piece, and that is why I love it. Zoro is one of the premiere badasses in all of existence, and is well on his way to fulfilling his goal of becoming the world's greatest Swordsman.
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