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This episode. This episode. How the hell was it so incredibly awesome?


Oh my fucking god, that was incredible! That was. That was. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS HILARIOUS! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my fucking LIFE. Father!Sokka in particular. The moment he showed up I started laughing, and then when he started YELLING AT AANG I just completely fucking lost it. God, Jack DeSena, you are the best voiceactor ever!

Zuko is a jerk. Zuko is a massive fucking jerk, and I love it. Also I seem to be NEARLY ALONE in this but I loved the scene with Mai and Zuko. probably because me and my ex-girlfriend ACTUALLY USED TO TALK TO EACH OTHER LIKE THAT. I am not invested in the pairing at all, but it was sweet.

Also, WTF, is Azula actually showing concern? She must still need him for something.

Onji, or however her name turns out to be spelled, was a cute little addition. I was sort of expecting the episode to go down the route of her Boyfriend being a controlling creep or something. That didn't happen, but she still helped to demonstrate how pimping Aang with hair is. He should never shave it again.

But none of this matters. None of this matters at all. All that matter is the DANCE SCENE. Oh my fucking god. Oh my FUCKING GOD. Anyone who is still claiming that Katara has absolutely no romantic interest in Aang can officially take my penis and stick it down their throat until they choke to death. it was almost as overt as Aang's crush on Katara, which is to say PRETTY GODDAMN OVERT. If I didn't already ship them mildly, this episode would have converted me. As is? LOVE THROUGH THE ROOF. God they are just so sweet.

The only thing I want at this point. The only thing. Is for Toph to increase her role. She hasn't done shit these past two episodes, let's get some more Toph up ins!

Also, I'd appreciate it if the Zutarians would cease their delusional state of denial, but, well, I might as well ask for a pony.
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