PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Argh. Today has been just terrible thus far, and does not look to be improving.

First bad: the phone system was fucked up this morning. If you've ever worked a call centre, then you know that your workday lives and dies by the health of the phone system. If the phone system's good, all well and good. But if it's fucked up, even for a few hours? The remainder of your day is shot straight to hell.

So I had a good hour with no calls at all. And then the phone system started limping along, and suddenly there's 100+ customers waiting on the line for us. Ever since then, it's been non-stop queues, ranging in size from 70 to a hundred and thirty people. For reference, the largest queue you'll usually see is thirty people, tops. Argh.

Second bad: This month there was a 5-day delay in mailing out MBTA passes, which means an enormous spike in calls. Argh.

Third bad: I think I may be developing a sore throat. Fuck.
Tags: bitching, work

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