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Because I've owed this to runic_binary since like the BEGINNING OF TIME.

Prompt: Mister 9/Miss Wednesday, "Explosions"
Words: 839
Rating: Nothing at all objectionable, except some explosions, sharp things and a wee bit of blood.

“Look out, Miss Wednesday!”

Miss Wednesday ducked as she ran, and a bomb flew directly over her head, missing by inches. It struck a nearby cabbage stand and exploded, much to the dismay of the poor merchant, who flung his hands up in the air and wailed for the loss of his produce.

The pair of Field Agents continued running down the narrow street, side by side, panicked expressions on their face, as explosions flared all around them. Their mission had seemed unbelievably simple: just ambush a shipment of expensive furs on a small island, right at the entrance of the Grand Line. A simple resource-gathering mission, like taking candy from a baby.

Unfortunately, it seemed that another crime syndicate had had the same idea. When Miss Wednesday and Mister Nine burst onto the scene, they'd found eight large, imposing figures with rocket launchers already loading the crates into their own vessel. They'd tried to take it from them, naturally, but there were simply too many. And now they were running for their lives, dodging explosive shells and bombs.

Miss Wednesday reached out a hand and grabbed her companion's sleeve. “This way, Mister Nine!” she shouted as she pulled him around a corner. They rounded it together, running blindly, trying to put as much distance as possible between them and their pursuers.

Unfortunately, one of them was one step ahead of the Field Agents. Miss Wednesday locked eyes, far too late, with an enormous man in a black suit, who had a rocket launcher leveled directly at her. She tried to move, to get out of the way, but she knew immediately that she was too late. The world seemed to grind to a stop as the enormous man pulled the trigger.

Suddenly, Mister Nine was there, throwing himself in front of her. He took the shell directly to the chest, the light from the explosion silhouetting him brilliantly. Miss Wednesday called out his name as he fell to the ground at her feet.

The man in the black suit brought weapon down again, lining up for another shot, but Miss Wednesday wasn't going to let him finish the job. She threw out her right arm, and a String Slasher flew out of her sleeve. It wrapped around the barrel of the launcher, and she pulled hard, forcing the shot into the wall. A great cloud of stone and dust exploded from the point of contact, and the man in the suit stumbled backwards, shielding his eyes.

Miss Wednesday took advantage of the cover, dashing forward, a Peacock Slasher in each hand. She dashed past the armed thug, and his chest exploded outwards, cut deeply in looping patterns. He fell forward, crying out in pain and clutching at his ruined chest, as if trying to keep the blood from escaping with his bare hands.

Finished with him, Miss Wednesday ran back to Mister Nine's prone form, turning him face-up. “Mister Nine!” she shouted as she shook him, searching for any sign of life.

For a moment, she thought he was dead. Then he moaned weakly and tried to sit up. A grin spread across her face as relief flooded her.

“Come on, get up, Mister Nine,” she said as she pulled him to his feet, supporting him with her arm. “We have to keep moving.”

Together they hobbled down a side street, Mister Nine leaning on her shoulder to keep himself steady. He was a complete wreck: the explosion had scorched his shirt and chest black, and left his beard smoldering. Small amounts of blood were leaking from his mouth. If she managed to get him away, though, he would probably survive...unless Mister Zero sent the Unluckies after them. She shuddered and forced that thought out of her mind. That didn't bear thinking about.

Mister Nine coughed, a raspy, unhealthy wheeze, and she instantly felt guilty. He had gotten these injuries saving her, after all.

“Mister Nine, you didn't need to do that,” she said as they moved forward.

Mister Nine looked up at her, smiling weakly despite the pain. “Of course I did, Miss Wednesday. We're friends, aren't we?”

Miss Wednesday's face registered shock for a moment. She'd never before thought of theirs as anything other than a business relationship, but...without her even noticing it, it had become something more. They stuck together, they watched each other's backs, and they protected each other, even more than the job required. It was only natural after having worked together for so long, but...

“Yes, Mister Nine,” she agreed. “Of course we are. I'd have done the same.”

“I'm very glad to hear that,” he replied. “Because you see, Miss Wednesday,” he said, slowly raising one hand to point forward, “now may be your chance.”

She followed his finger, and saw that up ahead, three of the men were lying in wait, their weapons loaded and aimed. Both she and Mister Nine screamed as they pulled the trigger, sending a volley of explosive death flying towards them.
Tags: fanfiction, one piece

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