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Title: The Morning After
Summary: Toph and Sokka, years after the end of the war, get a little too drunk one night and wake up with hangovers...and in bed together.
Rating: I'm pretty sure I've seen scenes like this in PG-13 movies, so I'm going to go with that. Nothing explicit. You could make a case for it being higher-rated, though, so Reader Beware!
Word Count: 389
Warnings: Some language(very little), nudity, implied sex.

Toph awoke with a moan, one hand reaching up to clutch her forehead. Her head hurt to high hell, and her entire body ached.

"I think we overdid it last night," she mumbled as she sat forward, feeling the blankets slip off her body.

Toph froze as she heard a sound off to her right. It sounded like someone murmuring in his sleep. In fact it sounded like a very specific person, murmuring in his sleep. Hesitantly she reached over until her fingers brushed over a full and luxurious beard, which felt very familiar to her touch.

It was at this point that she realized that she was naked.

With an exclamation of shock she pushed herself backwards, as far away from Sokka's sleeping form as she could. Unfortunately, she misjudged where the bed ended, and wound up toppling onto the floor with a yelp of surprise, tempered with the slightest dash of fear.

That was enough to rouse Sokka from his sleep. He groaned and opened his eyes, holding up one hand to block out the light.

Toph, on the floor, was rubbing her head where it had struck the floor, wincing with each sound. "Ow, ow, ow," she repeated, attracting Sokka's attention.

"Toph? Are you all right?" he asked as he crawled over to her side of the bed to check on her. One of Toph's hands snapped out and grabbed him by the beard, pulling his face down to her level.

"What happened last night?" Toph asked, wincing between each syllable. Sokka stammered for a moment.

"I...I don't remember!"

"Good," Toph replied. "Because nothing happened. Got it, Snoozles?"

Sokka nodded eagerly, and Toph released his facial hair. She began rubbing her temples, trying futilely to dispel the hangover.

"I'm going to go back to my room now. And then I am going to sleep until this hangover goes away. And then I am going to get up and pretend that this didn't happen. Which will be easy, because nothing happened. Right, Sokka?"

"Of course," Sokka said. Toph nodded, then began to feel the ground around herself. After a few moments she stopped, frowning in irritation.

"Where the hell are my clothes?" she asked. "I can't go back to my room naked."

Sokka squinted, scanning his surroundings. "Actually, Toph," he said, "I think this is your room."

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