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I'm sorry to spam up people's friendlists like this, but I have to put this one in a different post because it's a piece of smut, and it wouldn't do to have the kiddies looking at it by accident when I link to the other, more benign piece.

Title: Dominance
Summary: Azula has managed to capture Katara and now has her way with her. I feel like I've seen this fic a dozen times before, only with Zhao and Zuko. Here's the femslash edition, I guess.
Rating: NC-17. This is some hardcore smut right here.
Word Count: 2613
Warnings: This fic is not merely pornographic in nature, it is also very unhappy. As you may have surmised from the summary, it contains femslash, rape, sadism, pain, suffering, domination, and a very small and reversable amount of mutilation. No Bondage per se, as no actual restraints are used, but there might as well have been. Enough said. If you are looking for a smutfic featuring happy, joyful sex and a mutually respectful and beneficial relationship, I would advise you to look elsewhere. This fic is 4chan territory.

Azula cracked open the door to her bedchambers and slid inside, quickly sealing it behind her. It was extremely doubtful that her prisoner would attempt an escape at this point, but Azula disliked any sort of risk. It added variables to life, it caused imperfections. And she hated nothing more than imperfection.

Which is why she had such high hopes for her newest catch. A lot of spirit in her, to be sure, but that only made her more interesting. Physically speaking, the water tribe girl was nearly flawless. There were no unsightly scars or blemishes marring her body, and had a body that was so well proportioned that she could swear that some Spirit or another had a hand in shaping it. The skin color was unfortunate, but it set off her hair and eyes so well that she wasn't sure that changing it would be an improvement.

All in all, as close to perfection as Azula had ever had an opportunity to break. She just hoped that she wouldn't be forced to damage the girl too much in the process.

"Hello, little Water Tribe peasant," Azula said, striding forward towards the bed. Katara, who had nodded off with her head against the luxurious pillow, opened her eyes and sat up. Her hand flew automatically to her hip, where her flask of water usually hung. No luck. Azula had, as always, thought ahead, and removed not only it, but also every other item in the room that contained even the slightest amount of water. In this room, the young waterbender was completely helpless, which was just how Azula intended it.

There was nothing wrong with bondage, Azula was a fan of it, but...not now. Later there would be time for collars and leashes and ropes and chains, but Azula always preferred for her girls to be unbound on the first time. That way, she could dominate them completely, showing that whether they could move or not, they were helpless before her. That knowledge made it, and all future sessions, all the sweeter.

"Don't bother," Azula said disdainfully. "If I wanted to hurt you, you would already be dead."

Katara didn't move for a moment, and then moved her hand away from her hip. It wasn't doing any good there, anyway.

"What do you want, then?" she asked, her eyes never leaving Azula's face.

The Fire Princess walked forward casually, rounding the edge of the bed to stand in front of Katara. "Oh, I want a lot of things," she said. "The Avatar. My brother and my uncle in chains. To be Fire Lady. But I think what I want most of all right now...is you."

Katara looked up at her, puzzlement passing over her face. "You've already got me," she pointed out. Azula shook her head and tsked softly.

"I don't think you understand me," she said, and then her hand snaked out towards the other girl's chest. It slipped between the folds of the blue robe she was wearing, to grip at the breast bindings that lay below. She tore downwards, shredding them down the middle with her vicious nails.

Katara's arms crossed over her chest, attempting to ward off any further assaults, but Azula had already lost interest. The hand shot upwards, under her chin, gripping her by the jaw and tilting her face upwards to meet her gaze.

"I want you," Azula repeated, this time emphasizing the last word so that there could be absolutely no mistaking her meaning. Fear lit up in the young waterbender's eyes, and Azula savored it. The girl had no doubt been expecting many things, but this clearly was not one of them.

Azula took advantage of Katara's discomfort, leaning forward and pushing the Water Tribe girl down to the bed. She was now pinned underneath her, unable to do anything but squirm as Azula's hands slid over her torso, opening the robe to reveal a pair of perfectly round breasts, precisely the size Azula was expecting.

Azula, now moving quite slowly, cupped Katara's left breast in one of her hands, supporting herself on the other. She squeezed harder, smiling at the whimpering sounds Katara was making as she tried, futilely, to escape the firebender's clutches.

Azula suddenly turned her fingers inwards, bringing her talon-like fingernails to bear on the perfectly smooth brown breast. Katara cried out in pain as Azula dug her nails in and twisted, cutting deeply enough to draw little specks of blood.

"You're mine now," Azula said as she pulled her hand away from the other girl's breast. The hand slid down her belly, her fingernails grazing almost gently over her bare stomach, until it finally came to rest on Katara's crotch.

Somehow, the pressure against her groin stirred Katara into action. Her arms came up, shoving Azula away, and then she brought her knee up into the space that that action bought for her, kicking out. Azula fell backwards, the breath knocked out of her.

Katara stumbled off of the bed and ran for the doorway, her naked breasts flopping back and forth as she did. If she could only get out through that door, then perhaps there would be some water she could bend, and she could fight back...

There was a blaze of blue flame, and Katara fell to the ground, screaming and clutching at her right leg. Azula casually rounded the bed, smoke rising off of the index and middle finger of her right hand. She crouched over Katara's writhing form, tsking softly.

"That wasn't very smart, Peasant," she said in a condescending tone. Then, with obvious fake sympathy, she reached forward to the waist of Katara's pants, saying "Let me have a look at that."

Katara's face burned with shame as Azula pulled her pants down, off of her legs, but was helpless to resist. The pain from her leg was too great. She couldn't keep a few tears from leaking from her eyes as the fabric scraped over her burnt leg, and felt all the more ashamed for having allowed Azula to see her like this.

"Oh dear," Azula said as she assessed the damage. "That looks very serious indeed. If you don't heal it quickly, it'll scar for certain, or worse."

Azula brought her hands back, resting one elbow on her knee. Her face leaned against the fist, giving her a contemplative look, as if she was faced with a tough choice.

"Oh, but to do your little healing trick, you need water, don't you?" She said in mock sympathy. "It's too bad there's none in here, isn't it?"

Katara looked up at her, eyes brimming with tears that she just couldn't keep away. The pain from the burn was too much to bear. She would have done anything, anything at all, to make it go away. Her eyes reflected defiance for a moment longer, then pleading, and then at last resignation.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, and Azula knew that she had won. She stood up, drawing herself up to her full height.

"First," she said, "I want you to bow. Go ahead. On your knees, head on the floor." Katara hesitated for a moment, some small trace of lingering defiance rearing its head, and Azula lashed out with a backhand blow across the face, raking her face with those horrible nails. Katara cried out in pain again, one hand rising up to press against the mark Azula had left on her skin.

Azula snapped her fingers impatiently. "Bow, Peasant!" she repeated, and Katara reluctantly complied, pressing her forehead to the metal ground. Azula, satisfied, circled Katara's prostrate form, inspecting every inch of her supple body.

"From this point forward you are my personal slave," Azula said firmly. "You will not speak unless I address you directly. At all other times you will remain silent, or there will be...repercussions," she continued, leaning over to grip Katara's wounded leg, causing a jolt of pain to wrack the waterbender's body. To her credit, she gave no outward indication of the agony she must be in, save a sharp inhalation of breath and a tensing of the muscles when she pressed down on it.

"If you must speak," Azula continued, circling around until she was standing directly behind the brown-skinned girl, "you are permitted to refer to me only as Fire Princess, or Mistress. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Fire Prin-" Katara began, but cut out suddenly to gasp as Azula's hand reached down between her legs, pressing against her underwear. To Azula's amusement, they were slightly soaked. It looks like my innocent Water Tribe girl isn't quite as innocent as I believed, she thought with a smile.

"What was that?" She asked threateningly as she rubbed her fingers lightly between Katara's legs.

"Yes, Fire Princess," the waterbender said, her voice steady despite Azula's ministrations.

"Good," Azula replied approvingly. "Now, get up." Katara stood, wincing as she was forced to put weight on her wounded leg.

"First things first," Azula said. "Take off the rest of those ridiculous clothes. Blue is a horrible color, we'll need to get something more fitting for you when we reach port."

Katara complied, stripping off the remains of her robe and breast bindings, leaving herself completely bare, excepting the thin, wet cloth that was protecting her privates. Finally she pulled that off as well, dropping the wet cloth onto the floor.

"On your knees," Azula commanded, and Katara complied, dropping painfully to the floor. In all honesty, she was somewhat relieved by the command: it meant less pressure on her wounded leg, and kept her vulva out of Azula's sight.

Azula, for her part, had plans. She pushed down her leggings and hiked up her robe, revealing her own genitals, which were soaked with her juices.

"Have you ever pleasured a woman with your tongue before?" she asked, and Katara meekly shook her head. Azula snorted laughter. "Well, I hope you're a quick study, then. Go on, get your face in there."

Katara leaned forward until her face was inches away from Azula's vagina. Her nose wrinkled at the smell, which was...well, it wasn't entirely unpleasant, but it was very strong.

Impatient, Azula reached down and grabbed a handful of Katara's brown hair, and forcing her face right into her vulva. Katara made muffled protests as Azula's carefully trimmed pubic hair rubbed against her upper lip.

"Come one, Peasant, do what you're here for! Suck, lick, do whatever you like, but I'm not letting you go until you've satisfied me."

Slowly, hesitantly, hating herself as she did so, Katara extended her tongue, rubbing it against the folds of Azula's labia. She she got a contented sigh as a response, she ranged further, pressing more and more sharply against Azula's nethers with her tongue.

"Higher," Azula said, pulling upwards on Katara's hair. "There's a nub up there that I want you to lick."

Katara found the clitoris with her tongue and began to attack it with the tip of her tongue, flicking back and forth over it. Each flick elicited a small shudder from Azula, who now gripped the back of Katara's head with both hands, almost leaning on her as her legs became weak with pleasure.

Azula's moans and twitches were having an unexpected effect on Katara. Despite herself, she felt more and more fluids leaking from her own cunt, and there was a heat building up there that was almost irresistible. Her right hand move up her leg, almost of its own accord, until she was rubbing herself vigorously, playing her fingers over her vulva and clitoris in time with Azula's moans.

This was, without a doubt, the single most humiliating experience of her life. In fact, to call it that didn't even begin to do it judgment. It was...it was degrading, and the fact that lapping at this horrible woman's juices was turning her on only made it a thousand times worse.

Finally, after minutes of Katara's ministrations, Azula came. Juices flooded her lower body, more even then before, dripping onto Katara's face. Azula pushed her away as she reached the climax, her whole body tensing up. Finally, it ended, and she let her breath out in a deep sigh of contentedness.

When she opened her eyes again, she caught sight of Katara fingering herself, and was filled with incredible rage. She slapped the waterbender, hard enough to knock her to the floor. Reaching down, she grabbed Katara by the throat and pulled her back up to her knees.

"Who told you that you could touch yourself?" she asked coolly.

Katara froze in terror as Azula fixed her with a vicious glare. She whimpered softly, the only sound that could escape through the Fire Princess' iron grip on her throat. Azula dragged her bodily over to the bed and pushed her down on it, still gripping Katara's throat, just barely loose enough that she could breath.

Extending two fingers from her right hand, Azula plunged them roughly into Katara's folds, caring little for the damage her nails did on the way in. Katara cried out in pains and thrashed wildly, but the other hand at Katara's throat held her fast.

"Is that what you want, Peasant?" Azula asked angrily as she pulled out to the first knuckle and then plunged in again. "You go so turned on by me that you just couldn't help yourself?"

"No!" Katara protested as Azula's fingers tore through her insides again, causing her back to arch as she tried desperately to get away from the searing pain in her loins, but it was futile.

"Don't you lie to me, you Water Tribe slut!" Azula shouted, ramming her fingers into her again and again. "I saw the way you were looking at me. I knew what you were from the moment I walked into this room. A waterbending, girl-loving whore."

Katara tried to protest again, to say that it wasn't true, that she liked boys, not girls, but all that came out was a ragged sob of pain. She was weeping openly now, tears streaming down her face as Azula ravaged her cunt.

Azula had had many slaves during the span of her years, and thus had a significant amount of experience handling them. She could tell that Katara was approaching orgasm now, and would normally let her have it, as a reward for good behavior. In this case, though, she would not allow the waterbender even that small relief. When orgasm was close, five thrusts away, perhaps, she withdrew her fingers, leaving Katara right on the brink of an orgasm.

"That's enough for now," she said, taking a grip on Katara's wrists to restrain her. She called for the guard, and he walked in, carrying a single vial of water.

"I think you've earned this," Azula said, releasing Katara's left wrist and handing over the vial. Katara reached down and ran the water over her burnt leg, causing it to glow as it reversed the damage that the fire had done. Azula kept a flame burning in her free hand the whole time, to discourage any sort of attack, but she needn't have worried. Katara repaired the leg, the returned the water to the vial and handed it back to her.

"Please," Katara begged, "finish it."

Azula considered for a moment, then turned to the guard.

"Bind her hands behind her back," she commanded. "Make sure she can't touch herself." And with that she stood, pulled up her leggings, and walked out.

That was a most satisfying session, Azula thought as she returned to the deck. She'd been right about that one. Little brown girls really were the best.

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