PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Random thoughts of the moment

  • It just occurred to me that I never made a post re: The Painted Lady. Well, the reason for that is because I was pretty underwhelmed by it. It's not that it was terrible television or anything, but for an Avatar episode it was pretty bad. Like, Imprisoned or Great Divide-level bad. OK, that might be a bit bit harsh, but Imprisoned-level bad to be sure, and for much the same reasons. The pacing was all off, Katara was annoying (this should never happen, as Katara is awesome),and I wanted to just toss Doc/Shu into a lava pit and watch him burn.
  • On a related note, it's not even been a week and already I've seen three Zutara fanworks based on the premise that Zuko and Katara both dress up as spirits whoo, and I'm not even looking. Yeah, fandom, could you not do that? You're just embarrassing yourself. Or, if you really must, could we at least maintain the balance by generating an equal number of Katara/Aang fanworks based on a similar idea? Thanks.
  • Sokka's Master is tonight. I have been waiting for this episode approximately since half-way through Season One, when I decided that Sokka was the best character ever. The previews already have me squealing uncontrollably. This is going to be so awesome.
  • Argh fuck I'm ill. Not much at all yet, but if my cubicle neighbour's experience, whom I caught it from,  is any indicator, it's going to get bad and it's going to take an eternity to go away. Fuck.
  • Camelot said in an interview that they would be interested in making a third Golden Sun game. I came buckets.
  • Next week my work moves to the new location. Which is overall awesome, as the new location is pretty much right next to my house, as opposed to on the opposite end of the city. Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring in my laptop to work anymore, which is unfortunate, but I can deal with that in exchange for cutting my gas costs and commute time by five sixths.
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