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I can't believe it took me this long to see Firefly

I just saw Firefly.

Holy shit.

HOLY shit.


It's so incredibly awesome. I can't believe it. How could something so incredibly awesome get canned after one season? It boggles the mind. Those gorram netwrok execs wouldn't know quality if it snuck up from behind them and stabbed them.

I've developed a burgeoning schoolboy crush on Kaylee, who is my favorite charecter and irritatingly the female charecter with the least nude screentime. Surprisingly enough, I think that award(Certainly the most consecutive nude screentime) goes to River, which me feel somewhat dirty as she's a little kid(They say she's 16-17, but I'm having a look at her and thinking 'No way. Fourteen-Fifteen max). I mean, she even beat out the whor-companion.

Me liking Kaylee is really odd, BTW, as every charecter in every pther show that was even remotely like her I hated passionately.
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