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Ten things that made me happy recently! FOllowed by the tagging of ten other people.

1. I got a promotion! Not much of one, but it means that I only take Help and Escalation calls now, which means like thirty calls a day instead of seventy, most of which are resolved in less than two minutes! It also means I get to see the page that shows everyone's status, who is on break, who is on wrap-up, how long they've been there, etc. I've always wanted to see that.
2. Got the new Newsboys album. Wherever We Go is a blurdy addictive song, I tell you what.
3. Birthday party for three of my friends last night. Got to watch TMNT again. Yay.
4. Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. I love this game so much.
5. Miss Martian still has not been stuffed into the refrigerator.
6. I noticed that the little picture to represent 'Community Service' on the Wheel of Punishment in Avatar Day is hells of such as Old Sweepy.
7. The new One Piece dub does not suck tremendous amounts of balls.
8. A writer in DC acknowledged that there have been four Robins, not three.
9. Money! In my bank account! Lots of it! Whee!
10. Thanks to episode 49 of Avatar, there are doubtless icons of appa with the caption 'Santōryū' floating out there in the interwebs somewhere.

I tag andy_longwood, angahith, maggiekarp, kanthia, ninjakefka, runic_binary, ebonlock, myshu, nanthimus, greedyslayer
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