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4chan-inspired smut!

Title: Don't Rush Me!
Fandom: Avatar
Word Count: 1960
Summary: Set in the future, Katara and Azula are secretly lovers who blah blah blah, it's two attractive ladies bumping uglies, what more do you need to be told? (Not much else, I hope, because there really isn't much else to this fic).
Pairings/Warnings: Azula/Katara. Despite the pairing, it's actually consensual and fairly tame, as far as graphic sex scenes go.
The Story Behind It: On 4chan, in the Comics and Cartoons board to be more precise, someone posted this piece of fanart (SFW). I posted, positing exactly what I thought was happening in this scene. I got several WRITE IT replies and...so I did.

Katara knocked impatiently on the door to Azula's bedchamber. She knew the Fire Nation princess was inside; She'd been told to come to her chambers at this time, and Azula was never late. For some reason, though, she was ignoring Katara's knocks, leaving her standing out in the corridor.

Katara glanced from left to right, gripping her own arm and biting her lower lip out of anxiety. The hallway was mercifully deserted at the moment, but someone could come by at any moment and see her waiting for access to Azula's private chambers.

She's doing this on purpose, she thought. Although Katara knew that there was nothing illegal or even wrong about what she was doing, she couldn't shake a feeling of shame. She couldn't let anyone know what she did here at night. She...just couldn't. She couldn't take her brother or Aang finding out. And Azula, of course, knew this, and was now using it to make Katara twist. For her own pleasure, no doubt.

Wondering for the millionth time why she put up with a manipulative bitch like Azula, Katara hammered on the door again. "Come on, open the door," she muttered as she banged on it.

Finally, the door swung open, and Azula stood in the doorway. She was wearing a loose red robe, which hung down revealingly over her body. She leaned on the door frame seductively and smiled, her lips curling upwards in an expression of faint amusement.

"Good evening, Ambassador. What brings you here tonight?"

"Oh, stop that," Katara said, pushing past her into the bedroom. "You know perfectly well why I'm here. You could have let me in sooner."

"Oh, but where would be the fun in that?" Azula asked, closing the door and walking up behind Katara.

"Well," Katara said, "the longer I'm standing out there, the more likely that we'll be cau-"

Katara cut off in midsyllable, jumping slightly from surprise as Azula wrapped her arms around her from behind, pulling their bodies together. No matter how many times Katara found herself in this room, she was never entirely rid of her nervousness. Whether it was because of Azula, or if it was the fear of getting caught, or if she was just destined to act like a blushing virgin her whole life, she wasn't sure, but whatever the cause was, she was always a little jumpy. She suspected that this was part of the attraction for Azula.

"What if we do get caught?" Azula asked, her hands roaming over Katara's midsection. "What would it matter?" Her breath was hot against Katara's ear as she leaned closer, burying her head in her hair.

"Well, uh," Katara said, slightly flustered. "If we get caught, then, everyone will...uh, everyone will know that we've...uh, well, you know..."

Azula decided to interrupt, leaning her head up past the shoulder and using one hand to turn Katara's head into a kiss. Their lips met, and Katara stopped trying to speak as Azula played her tongue over the edges of her mouth, trying to gain entrance.

After half a second of surprise, Katara relaxed and leaned into the kiss, letting herself lean slightly on Azula. After a few moments, they parted. Katara lingered for a few moments longer, her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly, as if awaiting more. Nothing was forthcoming, however. Azula was, as always, completely in control of the encounter, and she had apparently decided that Katara was not getting anything more for the time being.

"I'm sorry," Azula asked, "What were you saying?"

"Nothing," Katara said. "Nothing at all."

"That's good," Azula said, giving one of Katara's breasts a gentle squeeze before walking past her to sit down on the bed. Her robe was low-cut and ended mid-thigh. It covered, but it also revealed, teasing and tantalizing with glimpses of breast and leg every time the Princess moved, even slightly. "Now, come take those clothes off."

Katara sat down on the edge of the bed, her back to Azula's reclining form. Her hands rose up to tug gently on the edges of her robe where it crossed over her chest. This was always the hardest part for her. She had so much trouble actually getting naked in front of Azula's wandering eyes.

Sometimes she wondered how she'd wound up with a girl like Azula. Or with a girl at all, really. She'd never felt anything for other women before she'd been sent to Fire Lord Iroh's palace as an ambassador from the Southern Water Tribe, but on her first week at the palace she had had a little too much to drink one night...and woke up in this very bed the next morning. When she'd looked over and saw Azula sitting beside her, completely naked, the light reflecting off of her breasts, she'd realized that she wanted the Fire Nation girl, and wanted her badly. The next half-hour had been highly informative.

Azula by all rights shouldn't have even been in the Palace at all, but when the tide of the war began to turn against Fire Lord Ozai, she'd decided to back the winning horse. Not only had she been instrumental in taking Ozai down, it was only with her help that they'd hammered out the peace treaty with the various Fire Nation noble that ended the war for good. Iroh had grudgingly allowed her to retain her position within the Fire Nation hierarchy, provided she was never allowed to take the throne.

Apparently dissatisfied with how long it was taking Katara to do something as simple as open up her robe, Azula reached forward and began tugging on her clothes, trying to pull them off herself. Katara batted her hand away.

"Don't rush me," she snapped. "I'll get them off when I'm ready." In this, at least, she was determined to have control.

Azula chuckled, leaning back on the bed. "Fine," she said, "but I hope you won't leave me waiting for too long."

Katara took a deep breath, and then bit the bullet and opened up her robe, letting it tumble off of her shoulders and fall onto the bed, leaving her clad only in her pants and undergarments. She lifted her buttocks a few inches off of the bed, and slid her pants down as well. Now there was just the strips of cloth binding her breasts and covering her loins to maintain her modesty.

Before she could divest herself of those, however, Azula lunged forward, grabbing her from behind again. "That will do," she said, slipping one hand under the breast bindings and pressing the other against the crotch of Katara's underwear.

Katara gasped in surprise, but then settled down after a moment. Azula massaged her breast, rolling the nipple against the palm of her hand until it became hard, and with the other hand began stroking her through the cloth that guarded her nethers. She felt a familiar dampness down there as she became more and more aroused from Azula's ministrations. Suddenly, even the meagre clothing she had on seemed confining and restrictive, and she wanted nothing more than to strip them off and press her flesh against Azula's, but she couldn't seem to do anything but moan as Azula manipulated her body.

"Hmm, you seem especially responsive today," Azula mused aloud. "No wonder you were so eager to get inside."

Katara felt a redness rising in her cheeks. "It...wasn't like that," she said between panted breaths. Azula chuckled again.

"Oh, look at you, you still blush! After all we've done together, I'd have thought you'd have moved past that by now."

That statement only made Katara's blush deepen. The two of them had done nearly everything under the sun together. Azula had various toys from all corners of the world, and they'd used them to great effect, as well as a full set of bondage gear, and they'd put it all to good use. But despite al of that, when the hands began to wander Katara still blushed like a maiden on her wedding night.

That did not mean, however, that she was content to remain passive. shrugging off Azula's hands, Katara turned around and snaked her right hand up Azula's thigh, under her robe. As she'd suspected, Azula wore nothing underneath, and Katara's hand plunged directly into the sticky wetness between her legs.

Azula stiffened slightly as Katara wormed a finger between her pussy lips. It was by this point well-lubricated, and the finger moved easily in and out of her, and she bit her lower lip in an attempt to muffle the sounds her body was making.

After a few thrusts, Katara added a second finger, and Azula's reaction increased. Her breathing deepened, and her back arched as she raised her hips to meet Katara's thrusts. "Faster," she whispered, and Katara complied, speeding up her thrusts until Azula was actually moaning with pleasure. She ducked one hand beneath her own roba, and began fondling her breast.

Katara set her free hand on Azula's waist, pulling her upwards into a kiss. This time there was no restraint between them: this was a passionate kiss, their mouths moving as if on their own, tongues worming in and out of the other's mouth.

For the moment, Katara was in control, but as always that did not last long. Azula pressed into the kiss forcefully, rising up as she did so until she had the upper hand. She pulled Katara's hands away from her genitals, and then with one hand behind Katara's head and another supporting her back, she guided Katara down to the mattress without ever breaking the contact between their lips.

With Katara now essentially at her mercy, Azula broke off from the kiss, and began moving down her body. Her lips trailed from her neck, down to her shoulders, past her breasts, across her stomach until they were situated between her thighs. She laid a kiss on the fabric, and then slipped two fingers on either side of Katara's undergarments, and hauled them down, off of her body altogether.

She buried her face between Katara's legs, her tongue licking and flicking, and her lips seeking out and sucking on the small nub near the top of her genitals. Katara moaned and grabbed Azula's hair with her left hand, the other hand groping at her own right breast through the fabric.

Azula intensified her attack, assaulting Katara's clit with increased fervor until she started to groan, writhing as Azula ate her out. Azula stole a quick glance upwards, and saw that Katara was undoing her breast bindings one-handed, stripping off the last piece of clothing she had on. After a few moments, Katara was completely naked, her beautiful breasts visible as she fondled one of them.

Azula's hand moved down on her own body, her fingers playing over her own clitoris. It made it a little more difficult to concentrate on what she was doing to Katara, but that really didn't matter: in another few moments, she would have brought the Water Tribe girl to orgasm.

Sure enough, shortly after that, Katara gasped deeply as she came, shuddering from the force of the orgasm. For a moment she bucked her hips, pressing Azula's face into her pussy, but then it passed and she fell back onto the bed, limp and exhausted.

It only took a few more minutes of manipulation for Azula to get herself off. She completed it almost mechanically, and then when it had passed, she crawled back up Katara's body until they were face to face.

"I win again," Azula declared, and Katara smiled at her.

"How many times have you won so far?"

"Twenty-six times out of thirty," Azula answered.

"Well," Katara said, grinning wryly, "I wouldn't really call this losing."

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