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Three Points

The first: I now have a favorite christmas carol. I never used to; I had minor preferences among them-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, for example, I held in higher esteem then Joy to the World. but none really stood out as a FAVORITE.

Until now, that is.

I love Carol of the Bells. I am addicted. I have like, four different versions of it in my playlist, and I keep cycling through them. I'm in love with the song.

Point the second: Reading is much more fun when you're doing it while snuggled up with your girlfriend.

Point the third: I never used to be able to understand other people my age who have sex. I'm no Puritan, it just never struck me as a particularly bright thing to do. Too many risks involved, not enough benefits. I mean, I know there's all sorts of protections that can be used, but there's still some risk associated with it, and the payoff is, as Scott Kurtz said, "About thirty seconds of intense yet awkward pleasure."

Well, now I HAVE a girlfriend. And although I'm not going to have sex with her-not only do the old reasons still apply, there are reasons specific to the girl (no, she'snot ugly, I'd feel like an asshole for reasons I can't specify). But I can definitely now understand the people who do. Having experienced the temptation myself, I can definitely empathize with people who gave into it, because the primal call of one's loins is indeed a powerful lure.

Point the fourth(OK, I'm a lying monkey): The X-3 Trailer makes me happy in my pants.
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