PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Ahahahahaha, oh wow.

I am lulzing so hard right now. So hard.

OK, so, I should have known better. I admit this. But when I saw Katara-bashing going down in atla_rants, I couldn't resist jumping in with both feet.

100+ comments ensued, and various statements of dire stupidity were made by two ladies in particular: dietotaku, and the inexplicably named sugeatarc.

sugeatarc begins by Accusing Katara of immaturity, not actually caring about Aang, deliberately undermining Aang's decision, and accusing everyone who disagreed with her of just not seeing the big picture. Unfortunately, it doesn't get much better from there: she repeatedly accuses Katara of playing dice with the universe by not running up to Zuko and giving him a big ol' hug on sight. When questioned on exactly how she was doing this, she never really gave a coherent reply, preferring instead to make nonsensical metaphors involving foxholes, and hilariously inaccurate comparisons to Song of Ice and Fire. When called out on her metaphor being bullshit, she does not respond and instead pursues the Song of Ice and Fire quibble. The closest she ever comes to answering our requests for an explanation is this winner of a comment, where she accuses Katara of driving off Zuko when he first appeared. Which, I suppose, is accurate, but she seems intent on ignoring the fact that so did everybody else. No response has been forthcoming to it being pointed out that she didn't think her cunning plan all the way through there.

Also, apparently Katara must be a perfectly behaved little angel at all times, as she also condemns Katara for getting pissy with Toph in The Chase. Apparently, not being sunbeams and unicorn rainbows to a newcomer is the same as actively trying to drive them away. Who knew.

Oh, and by the way? I'm a troll. Image macros are my only response.

The other offender, dietotaku, is another, but no less crazy, type of stupid. While sugeatarc contributes the massive ignorance, dietotaku brings the WTF. She consistently demonstrates a fundamental incomprehension of the way people interact. I could link to every single one of her comments, and each would show off a unique form of crazy, but here's a Greatest Hits list:

On the other side of the fence was myself, a_white_rain, and amiraelizabeth, who is now officially my fucking hero. Unfortunately, all we managed to do was stir up more batshit.

Now, this is all hilarious wank, but the real lulz comes in when it turns out that dietotaku is actually the creator and maintainer of atla_rants. Meaning? I'm now banned from the comm. Apparently dietotaku doesn't appreciate being compared to Rodimus Prime via image macro.

I am laughing my ass off here. I sort of want to create a new comm for Avatar rants, one with actual defined rules (including 'no character bashing'), and advertise it as 'The rants comm that WON'T ban you for disagreeing with the mod'.

ETA: HAHA, BONUS. I just checked the comm's user info, and dietotaku has made the following addition:

FIRST RULE: this is atla_rants, NOT capslock_atla. the douchebaggery tolerance level is substantially lower here. if you can't discuss a topic without breaking out macros and personal insults, don't bother posting at all.

The lulz factor just went up TWENTY-FOLD.
Tags: ahahahaha, avatar, fandom is crazy, wank report
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