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In retrospect, I should have seen this coming. Obvious with hindsight, and all that. It doesn't stop it from breaking my brain.

I read Bleach in its entirety last week, and I had a nasty feeling that Chad (clearly the best character) got little to no fandom love. So today, on a lark, I decided to head over to the good old Pit of Voles and see how much stuff is in his character filter. There were 96 fics, which was actually more than I was expecting. That's all well and fine. But there was something else that I noticed that made me go 'yeahbuhWHAT?'.

I wanted to make sure I was seeing things correctly, so I went and did an accurate count. And right I was. 27 out of 96 fics were Chad/Karin. And that's just the ones labelled as such in the summary!

what the hell Bleach Fandom she is like ten years old

Now, I'm fairly tolerant of this sort of thing as far as fictional characters go. Nobody's actually being harmed, whatever, let people go as they will. But a full 28% of the fanfiction involving one of the main characters in the series? What the hell.
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