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So, I dug my tuba out yesterday. Well, actually, it's a completely different tuba, as those were school instruments and this is a rental, but same idea. I haven't played since high school (three years!) but my mom runs this church program for kids, and every year they do a simple musical production. She asked me to play Tuba for one song, so here I am.

In addition to the three-year hiatus, we'd only had this tuba since Monday, and I'd only had a chance to play once in that time, so when I showed up to the practice yesterday, I knew pretty much none of the fingerings. I took ten minutes and wrote out the fingerings under every single note I had to play. Fortunately, the song's pretty simple, so I did alright. There's a few parts I'm going to ahve to work on, though...

The tuba in question is a B-flat, but I was expecting an E-flat (which is what I was told we'd be getting), like I played back in grades seven and eight. And this tuba, like that one, is pretty small (comparatively), so it took me like ten minutes to figure out that it was a B-flat.
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