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Some of you may recall that last summer, I took part in a LiveJournal RP known as omashu_mills. It was best RP ever. Anyway, near the end of its run, I produced a work of fanfiction, just for fun. My good buddy nanthimus beta'ed it, and I posted it to the OOC community. I'm bored now, and I like having all my ducks in a row as far as archival purposes are concerned, so I'm now crossposting it here so it'll show up with my tags.

NOTE: If you did not follow and are not familiar with omashu_mills, the odds of this making any degree of sense to you are slim-to-none. If you are uninitiated and still want to read this fic, : omashu_mills is a modern-day AU Avatar RP. Aang likes Katara. Katara is, naturally, oblivious. Aang kisses Katara on a spur-of-the-moment type thing, leaving her confused. At a later date, he finally mans up and tells her how he feels. Aang is braced for disappointment, and has resolved that if she's not interested, he'll just move on. Katara's reaction is ambiguous, and Aang takes it as a rejection. THE VERY NEXT DAY, Meng asks him out and, thinking that Katara had rejected him, and remembering his resolution, he very stupidly accepts. At the end of the night, he (also very stupidly, but hey, teenaged boys are stupid by default) gives her a little kiss on the cheek. Not anything special, he didn't mean anything by it, but Katara happens to be walking past and catches a glimpse of this. OOOOOOH SNAP. This results in a massive drama bomb, with Aang and Katara sniping at each other, and Sokka caught in the middle and very confused.

This takes place the night after all this.

Title: Just a Kiss
Fandom: Avatar, subfandom Omashu Mills.
Wordcount: 893
Summary: Aang, Katara, and Meng all contemplate the events of the day.
Rating: Totally inoffensive.
Warnings: AU.
Link: Right here.

As a side note, it's sort of freaky posting fic about characters written by people on your flist. For all I know one of them could charge in here all WTF OOC >:( and I couldn't possibly argue it.
Tags: fanfiction, omashu mills was awesome

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