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So I was adding some new interests to my LJ profile (because I, uh... have some new interests. Yes.) and found myself feeling defensive every time I typed a female name, thinking, basically, FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME, because I felt as if someone somewhere was going to be criticizing my love for them.

So, anyway, then I made a list of women who make me want to say FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME. They are far from the only women who are awesome, or the only women people need to be told to step off of, but they are the top ten I feel that way about, right now, off the top of my head.

you want to argue with me about the awesomeness of any of these women, I am afraid I will simply be referring you to the subject line. THAT IS ALL.


1. Nami

She needs no explanation. She may not be as strong a fighter as her crewmates, but without her, they'd never have even made it into the Grand Line. She's as crucial a member of the crew as Zoro or Luffy. And even before she gained the Clima-Tact and became a fighting force to reckon with, she would still at least try to do her part. I mean, without her, Buggy'd have probably messed Luffy up badly. To say nothing of her working and suffering under Arlong for many long years to save her village. Girl is STRONG.

Also, she faced down Enel alone and survived. That's fucking impressive.

2. Nico Robin

What's to say? Badass archaeologist-turned-assassin-turned-pirate who can snap your neck from across the room if she wanted to, but won't because even if you're making her angry, she mostly just finds you amusing. And has an incredibly sexy chuckle. And that's without even touching her backstory. Manly tears were shed.

3. Nefertari Vivi

She's not the best fighter, or even the most productive member of the Straw Hats. But OMG, is she ever awesome. Tell me your heart did not wrench right out when she was screaming at the Rebels and the Royal Army to please, stop the fighting, over and over. I will call you a liar.

4. Tashigi

I love her myopic antics. And her determination to become strong enough to never be a passive observer again is aknvsogdso I love her.

5. Hinata

OK, so she's not really a go-getter, but dammit, her getting up again and again as Neji kept dropping her was awesome. it was like the first four fifths of a My Name is Inigo Montoya moment, but without the victory at the end. It was still great.

6. Sophia Forrester

One sentence: Keep going, we'll drag it if we have to!

Sophia was a total badass. She'll never be Alex's equal as commander of a ship, but that's because Alex Rowe was a mad genius. Sophia was his hardass XO, and performed admirably as acting captain in his absence. Not to mention bringing an end to the war that had been ruining Anatoray and Disith for ages.

7. Faye Valentine

Yeah, she dresses like a stripper, but she'll kick your ass and she'll do it with style and superior firepower. She's a badass pilot too, and is the only one to match Spike in a dogfight.

8. Barbara Gordon

Babs started her career as Batgirl, which was...alright, I guess. Nothing really spectacular there. After she was paralyzed by a bullet to the spine, courtesy of the Joker, most everyone figurd that that was the end of her. Not so: instead, she rededicated herself to the battle with crime. Although working in the field was obviously out, as she couldn't move her lower body at all, she redefined herself as Oracle, every superhero's favorite hacker and information gatherer, assisting other superheroes in doing what she could no longer do by providing them with information and support. In time, she organized her own superheroic team, consisting entirely of women: the Birds of Prey. Oh, and she was buddies with Ted Kord, aka the Blue Beetle. Geeky love FTW.

Despite what should have been a career-killing injury, she came back and established herself as an important and now integral part of the DC comics universe. Her handicap didn't damage her character, it made her grow tenfold. That's rare enough among characters in general, say nothing of female characters.

9. Katara

Badass? Check. Nice? Despite what fandom thinks when she isn't making out with Zuzu (read: ALL THE TIME), check. Independant? Check. Absurdly hot? Also check.

what is not to like

10. Toph

She takes no guff, does it on her own, and is the best damn Earthbender in the world. And she can also be adorable because she also has a vulnerable side that she doesn't like people to see, and it is too cute. Also, she's the character who's come closest to cursing on Avatar. FTW, people.

11. Granny Weatherwax

I COULD DO A WHOLE POST ABOUT HER. I do not even feel worthy of desribing her, if you have never read a book with her in it, just go now. Go RIGHT NOW. To the bookstore, to the library, I don't care but just GO, find a book with her in it and read.

12. Kitty Pryde

Best powers ever, a likeable personality, and she's also a badass ninja. And she has a dragon. She's the sort of teacher I wish I'd had in high school.

13. Azula

Not only is she the best firebender of ever, throws lightning around like nobody's business, and can get inside your head and twist you right around, she's also an evil, vicious schemer. Remember in the Awakening, when she basically told Zuzu that she'd let him have the glory so that if Aang was alive, he'd be the one taking the fall? Yeah. Bitch would make Machiavelli curl up and cry, and I love her for it. Also, Azula/Doctor Doom OTP.

14. Yoko Ritona

Gainaxing aside, Yoko is always the one to pull the Dai-Gurren Brigade out of trouble when it strikes. Her rifle may not be the most powerful weapon in their arsenal, but she knows how to use it to the best possible effect, and doesn't flinch in the face of danger. Every time she fires that gun, it's like concentrated awesome.

15. Wonder Woman

OK, this one comes with a caveat. Not all versions of Wonder Woman have been fantastic. I don't even mean that certain alternate versions have been awesome or anything, I mean that DC comics can't seem to decide what they want her to be, and editorial keeps mucking about in an effort to 'fix' her, when in reality all they need to do is give her a good writer and then keep their fingers out of the pot. Wonder Woman as presented in Greg Rucka's run, Gail Simone's run (excluding the shit forced onto her by editorial), and stuff like League of One is an excellent character. Wonder Woman as presented in Amazons Attack? Not so. Not at all. You need to be picky with Wonder Woman.

That said, when done properly, Wonder Woman is an incredible character. She's possessed of incredible grace and beauty, but not a trace of conceit. She's as humble as possible. She is unbelievably honest, and compels truthfulness out of those around her, even without use of her lasso. She can be kind and compassionate, and then in the same breath become as hard as steel when those around her are threatened. She'll always put others before herself, as can be seen throughout the entire Medousa arc of Rucka's run and the followup to that. And no matter what, she is at heart a warrior of peace. Prepared to fight, but not eager.

And also, she killed a dragon. Have you ever killed a dragon? That's Wonder Woman, right there, killing a dragon. Barehanded.

But when she's bad, OH GOD IS SHE BAD. Caveat Emptor.

16. Tatsuki


17. X-23

X-23 is an odd duck. Conceptually, she should have been the worst thing ever: a clone of Wolverine? A female clone of Wolverine? With only two claws on the hand, and a footclaw? Seriously? We're supposed to like this?

And yet...she worked. It helped that, despite being his clone, she didn't hit the exact same story beats as Wolverine. No mystery about her past: it's all spelled out in a mini early in her career. No gruff grunts and hairyness. No animalistic tendencies (unless she's under the influence of the trigger scent). No cigars. She's as asocial as Logan is supposed to be, but in her case it's because she was trained from birth to be nothing but a killing machine, and as such has a complete lack of social skills. For example, she doesn't seem to understand that when Dust asks if she's ever been to Afghanistan, 'I have killed in Afghanistan, yes' is not a very tactful answer.

It also works because she isn't a rogue member of the team or anything. She isn't uncooperative. She wants to be a part of their life and help them out. Problem is that she's useless at doing this in a social manner, so it mostly takes the form of doing stuff like knocking teammates out, stealing their clothes, and going to certain death in their place.

Should not work. And yet...

18. Zoe Washburne

Do not mess with Zoe. She will fuck you up. She has a gun, and is not afraid to use it. She's seen some action in her time, and can do as much damage in hand-to-hand as any of the other big bruisers. And she doesn't take anybody's shit.

She's a fine and able second-in-command, who abides by the captain's decision but isn't afraid to tell him when he's wrong.

19. Kaylee Frye

Kaylee is like Zoe's polar opposite, and equally if not more awesome in all ways. She's incredibly nice and sweet, friends with everyone around her, and loves strawberries. You can't hep but like her. She's just like concentrated charm. The fact that she's played by Jewel Staite doesn't hurt.

20. Misfit

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