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I love reccing stuff.

So, hai guys. Looking for something to read that won't take up a hachibillion hours of your time? Well, then I suggest reading Witch Hunter.

Before you ask, no, I don't know a thing about it besides the content. As far as I can tell, the damn thing doesn't exist outside of these scans. N luck searching by title, no luck searching by creator's name, no luck searching with both. Does this mean I officially liked it before it was cool (assuming that it becomes popular later)? Awesome, I've never been that guy before.

Anyways, this is a manga (is there a different term for Korean stuff? I'm 9/10ths certain this is Korean) about witches, and the people who hunt them. Apparently the witches have been running rampant throughout the countryside, their magic making them nearly unstoppable, and the only people capable of fighting back against them are the Witch Hunters, an organized group of people who...well, you get the picture.

The main character is Tasha Gospel, the Magic Bullet Marksman. He's an A-class Witch Hunter with an arsenal of magic pistols, and a magical pumpkin-headed puppet named Halloween who fights with two swords. After the initial fight, he's joined by Shing, another Witch Hunter that he absolutely hates, and who is probably the most hilarious person ever. Well, OK, no, not actually, but he's pretty rocking and likes to punch things in the face. There's another Witch Hunter involved too, Teras, who appears to be some manner of geomancer, but he's in like three panels so we'll ignore him for the time being.

Tasha is chasing after his sister, who is called 'the Red Witch' for a chapter and a half. She's become a witch herself. The circumstances surrounding that are pretty vague, so I don't know exactly what, but Tasha's motivation is to save her from her witchitude and bring her back. it's sort of like Naruto and Sasuke, except that it makes more sense (than how they are after Sasuke killed Orochimaru, I'm not going to deny that they made sense initially) because his sister's hat seems to do some kind of mind-control mumbo jumbo and she is being held against her will.

It's pretty action-packed, but that's not just fine but in fact awesome because the artist can draw an awesome fight scene. The visual storytelling sort of feels like a blend between one Piece and FMA, and it's at the same time clear, not bogged down by exposition, and awesome. It also showcases some real creativity on the part of the creator, as far as the design of powersets goes.

The only bad news about this is that there's only four chapters, and there hasn't been any more since February. I hope that there will be more one day, though! I can't fic with such a partial view of the world, dammit
Tags: rec, witch hunter

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