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I'm sure I'm not the only one to have noticed this, but for some reason the Avatar fandom seems to have a lack of love for the ladylove. By which I mean that there's basically no femslash content. At all. Despite the canon practically feeding it to us on a silver platter, with a cherry on top.

What's the deal, fandom?

So, in an attempt to counteract this, I am starting up the one, the only...


How does it work? Well, it works like this:

--> People post requests. These requests should be posted in the following format:

Pairing/Threesome/Moresome: (The characters and relationships involved. Must be femslash, obviously. Which means any two ladies from Avatar. Katara/Toph, Ty Lee/Azula, Jun/Lily, it's all good)
Prompt: (A sentence, word, phrase, whatever. Something for the writer to go on. Be as specific or vague as you'd like, but vague is generally better)
Porn: Yes/No/Fishstick (If you specifically want porn, put Yes in this field. If you specifically do NOT want porn, put No in this field. If you don't care and will take either, put Fishstick)
Other: (Any other relevant information goes here)

Requests can be anonymous, or they can be signed. IP logging is off.

--> People fulfill requests. That means they reply to the request with a fanwork for the pairing that matches the prompt and any other information given. Fic, art, whatever, it's all good. Again, these can be posted anonymously or signed, and IP Logging is off. It's better if it's signed, though, so we can tell who to thank.

--> We have a never-ending circle of femslash content. Well, ideally.

A few things to remember:

1. Please fill at least as many requests as you make. I hope I don't need to explain why this is necessary. If everybody's requesting and nobody's filling, the meme dies.
2. Please prioritize older requests over new ones. I'm not telling you which ones to fill, but if there's an unfilled request on page one, and an unfilled request on page five, and you're equally inspired by both...please fill the old one first. That requester's been waiting around for longer.
3. Please prioritized unfilled requests over filled ones. If there's a prompt in there that really gets your creative juices flowing, but someone else has already filled it...well, then go ahead, man! Fill it anyway! The requester'll be overjoyed to get two pieces for it. But if there's an unfilled request that you could also be doing...please do that one. Remember, we're trying to share the love as widely as possible.
4. ??????

I'm pimping this out everywhere I can think of, so I'm sorry if your flist gets spammed. I encourage you to do that same. Even a link on your personal journal will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Tags: avatar, fandom is crazy, femslash, god could they have any more chemistry, katara/toph is combative love, meme, the superior zutara
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