PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

So, uh, guys. I'm looking to start up a webcomic. The problem is, I can't draw. At all. I can write, writing is something I can do, but not drawing.

This, obviously, presents a difficulty.

So what that means is that I am, tiger-like, on the hunt for an artist. I'm searching a bunch of other venues as well, obviously, but on the off-chance that there's any artists out there on my flist that would be interested in working with me and have the time (or who KNOW any artists like that), I thought I'd give a shout-out here.

So, this comic is a parody of shonen manga. You know all the ludicrous tropes and stereotypes that insinuate shonen manga everywhere and I love so much? The tournaments, the Angsty Rivals, the training sequences, the My Name is Inigo Montoya moments? All of that, writ large and focused on something completely and utterly mundane:

Shovelling snow.

Essentially the way it would go is that a long time ago, 50-100 years at the least, a bizarre weather phenomenon began occurring: the Great Snowfalls, wherein a dozen feet of snow or so would fall overnight. This would happen unpredictably, at least several times a month during the winter months.

Such a snowfall obviously brings civilization as we know it to a screeching halt. Plows and the like are all but useless in the face of such immense size. The only way to get it cleared was through good old fashioned manpower: men and women, with shovels, removing it manually.

Because this sort of thing happens a good dozen times a year, a whole industry sprung up around this. Whole businesses devoted to keeping the streets clear. Eventually, it even seeped into the entertainment sector. Annual tournaments, held to determine who can shift the most snow, with large cash prizes for the winners. And behind the scenes, the world's largest manufacturer of shovels and other shoveling gear has a sinister agenda...

This is all, obviously, extremely silly. And it's intentionally so.

The art would ideally be in a style that resembles an actual shonen manga, so black and white stuff with clean linework is ideal. Outside of artistic talent, the most important thing I'd be looking for is an ability to keep to a schedule: I'm flexible about what that schedule would be (I mean, in an ideal world we would all be the people from Misfile and release a page every week day, but those people are crazy and I don't know how they do it), but once it's decided it's sort of important that we stick to it, at least roughly. Somewhere in between Misfile and Zebra Girl there's a happy medium, and that's where we should ideally sit.

Anyways, if anyone out there's interested, just drop me a line.

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