PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

A trifecta of things

1. A few nights ago I had a dream. And in this dream, my house was being raided by SHIELD. There was some sort of circumstances around it, I think my parents were some sort of activists or something, but whatever. I'm home alone and I walk upstairs and I notice SHIELD agents setting up barricades at the end of our lawn. So I walked outside all casual-like and started making fun of Mystique (shut up, she was a SHIELD agent in House of M) for failing so epicly in the setting up of her portion of the barricade. Seriously, you could have driven a truck through the gap she left.

Then Carol Danvers flew in, and I was just all "Ms. Danvers, all this really isn't necessary." Then the crazy bitch starts waving a search warrant in my face and I'm just all "Whatever, search if you want, we've got nothing to hide."

Then I slink off into the basement to delete the porn off my computer.

I think Maria Hill showed up at some point too, although it could have been Daisy Johnson, I really don't know. And see, this is how I know I can't control my dreams: because if I could, at this point it would have degenerated into a three-way SHIELD ladies lesbian sex party, and that didn't happen.

2. After work today, we had a 'goodbye to WageWorks' party. WageWorks was the contract I used to be on. We were awesome, we were kicking its ass all over the place, and because of some bullshit clause in the contract we lost it and our business went to these fuckwits in North Carolina who seriously do not know their heads from their asses. Oh well, that's WageWorks' loss. Although I got transferred out right after the announcement, almost a month ago, the contract closed down for good this Wednesday. So tonight, WageWorks employees past and present went to the bar and had a party. Being the only sober person in a room full of people who are getting progressively drunker and drunker is a very amusing experience.

3. God, taking 120+ calls a day is not at all fun. Especially when they're almost all complete assholes.
Tags: dreams are weird, the wageworks lady is a hag-beast, wageworks, work

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