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How butthurt can one woman get? The answer, apparently, is 'very'.

Earlier today, sugeatarc (who you may remember from such films as "Katara In A Fox Hole", "Not Trusting A Former Enemy Means Playing Dice With The World", and "Inaccurate Song of Ice and Fire Analogies") made a post to avatar_fans, talking about the upcoming spoilery book, what's probably going to be in it, where to find spoilers, how to avoid them, etc. This is that post. You may notice that there is no content there, only a link to where the content is hosted on her journal. It was not like that earlier.

There is a story behind this.

After she posted that, I had a look over it, deemed it to be a good post, but I had a suggestion that maybe she could add to the 'how to avoid spoilers' section. Namely, that one could filter all Avatar-related comms from one's flist, except for the newsletter. Since the newsletter reports all Avatar LJ content, and marks for spoilers, you can use it to dodge spoilers AND not miss out on non-spoilery content.

I don't think this is a bad idea. It's what I'm doing. And it's an idea that people could stand to hear about. So I comment, politely suggesting that she add it to that section.

Five minutes later, my comment is gone.

I arch an eyebrow, but figure that LJ is being crazy and ate it. It does that sometimes. So I repost it, with an additional 'wtf, where did my comment go o_0' attached. It vanishes again within ten minutes.

Now, I'm no idiot. By this point, I've figured it out. For whatever reason, sugeatarc is deleting my comments. So I post it again, take a screencap, and wait. Sure enough, within ten minutes, it's gone.

(Incidentally, I used pretty much the same wording all three times)

With evidence in hand, I email the mods, who look at the screencap, look at the empty space where the comment should be, and then reply to the post saying 'Yeah, cut it out'.

End result: she disables comments, and moves it to her personal journal.

It absolutely boggles my mind that someone could be so butthurt over an argument that happened more than two months ago that she not only ignores everything the other fella says on general principles, but in fact seeks to expunge it from the internet so that nobody else can see it either. And then, when told by an authority figure to grow up a little, she instead takes her ball and goes home, while painting herself as the victim in her link text.

In other, less wanky news, I got quoted in a secret today. Between this, people being butthurt at me, and people shittalking me behind my back, I think I'm now officially a BNF! :B
Tags: avatar, fandom is crazy, wank report
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