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I hate my brain.

These thoughts all happened in sequence, one leading to the next:

Thought the first: I started shipping Chad/Tatsuki a tiny bit after reading a very well-characterized piece of smutfic. (This was from a conversation)

Thought the second: You know, Chad is huge, but he'd probably be the gentlest person imaginable in bed. I mean, really. It'd just be in his nature.

Thought the third: ...somewhere out there, someone is writing him as a rapist, and I don't know where that person is so I could punch him/her in the face.

EDIT: One good thing did come of this! I mentioned this somewhere else as well, and the the awesome Coelasquid drew this for me, to cheer me up:

Tags: bleach, chad is huge quiet and badass, fandom is crazy
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