PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

THIS is the fourth hundred chapter of Naruto?

Dear Masashi Kishimoto...

I think you hate me. Me, personally. I can't think of any other explanation for how you keep doing shit that uniformly pisses me off.

I'm not going to spend time belaboring the horrendous pacing of this chapter, or how 90% of what was explained was either stated last chapter, or could be implied from it. Or how horrible the art has become (although Sasuke's face was hilarious pretty much every time we saw it). I've been over these points, there's no reason to go over them again.

No, it's the actual content itself that's pissing me off this time. I knew, from the end of the last chapter, that I'd be raging, but I wasn't expecting to be raging quite this hard.

As some of you may know, Itachi's recent reveal that everything up to that point had been a huge Xanatos Roulette to attain the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan (god, that whole thing is so stupid that I feel dirty even mentioning it) was pretty much the first time I had any respect whatsoever for Itachi. I mean, it's a plan steeped in the stupidest plot device imaginable, and it's the work of a crazed madman, buy you know what? At the same time you sort of had to admire it. Kind of made him a low-grade Magnificent Bastard.

Of course, it couldn't last, and the ending of last chapter made it painfully clear that that was going out the window, and was being replaced with 'Itachi was a good guy all along! :D'. Which made me groan, and facepalm, but whatever. At least it was a motivation. Anything was a step up from that stupid I WANTED TO TEST YOUR METTLE, SASUKE shit we initially got, right?

Wrong. This is worse. Why? Because now Itachi is a horrible human being, and we're supposed to think he's awesome and heroic.

He's worse than he's ever been, and that's one hell of a feat. Now, he's not just the monster who murdered his family and left his brother alive and willfully subjected him to a lifetime of hatred and revenge-seeking, which eventually culminated with him turning into...the wholly nasty person he is now. No, now he's the monster who did all that to his little brother because he cared about him. He thought he was doing Sasuke a favor.

That's...that's just disgusting. He's somehow managed to make Itachi an even lower form of human being. And it's very clear that this is supposed to make us think that Itachi was an awesome dude.

Goddamit, Kishimoto. I know you love Uchiha cock, but could you please stop this bullshit? Go back to having people beating people up, you're better at that than this.
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