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Two memes for the price of one

Meme the first, taken from a_white_rain:

Give me an idea/concept ranging 'your thoughts on David Tennant's hair' to 'Avatar season three is weaker than the first two: discuss' and I'll give you my thoughts on them. If you want to ask about ships/characters, use something like 'the Master's obsession with the Doctor has sexual undertones, do you agree?

(Incidentally, the answer to that last question is 'yes, but I can't tell if they're for real or if the Master is deliberately playing it up because he finds it hilarious')

Meme the second, taken from everywhere:

Give me a character/pairing/threesome/whatever, and I'll give you a song that I think represents him/her/them/it.

Incidentally, The World Ends With You is a stupidly awesome game. I beat it today, and I was all 'Yes! Now I can stop playing you and become productive again!'

And then the game was like 'Hey hey Peter, check out these secret reports you can unlock' and I was just 'OH U' and started playing again.
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