PikaBot (pikabot) wrote,

Don't ask

eighth helleluia (10:44:44 PM): "Title: A Closet Sex Kitten Come Out to Play"
eighth helleluia (10:44:47 PM): :|;
the donut outlaw (10:44:50 PM): .... whaat XD
PikaBot (10:44:54 PM): ...what
eighth helleluia (10:45:16 PM): "Kira, a sex kitten. Who would've thought? Hisagi wondered as he eyed the short skirt, the pom-poms and the look on Kira's face." /)_(\
the donut outlaw (10:45:21 PM): ........
PikaBot (10:45:26 PM): Wait, hang on, does that mean someone who is a sex kitten, but secretly, and is now revealing it
PikaBot (10:45:39 PM): or someone who is a sex kitten but only for sex in closets?
eighth helleluia (10:45:39 PM): s-something like that
eighth helleluia (10:45:43 PM): LOL
eighth helleluia (10:45:52 PM): possibly both
PikaBot (10:46:00 PM): Who is now being forced out of his/her comfort zone by new developments.
the donut outlaw (10:47:00 PM): ... why does that seem like it'd be hilarious to write and/or RP?
the donut outlaw (10:47:08 PM): "Let's do it. But we need to go in the closet first." "....."
eighth helleluia (10:47:13 PM): LOL CLOSET lsjlaj;lksd
PikaBot (10:47:17 PM): because it would.
PikaBot (10:47:39 PM): Someone who loves sex, wants to have sex at every opportunity...but it terrified of doing it anywhere but a closet.


PikaBot (11:17:22 PM): Well that's fine by Hana, it jsut means fewer injuries for him to tend to
eighth helleluia (11:17:23 PM): YOU'RE THE ONE WHO STARTED THIS
eighth helleluia (11:17:52 PM): ... Neji is going to Byakugan-glare Hana when they meet :D
PikaBot (11:18:20 PM): Hana wil then hide behind someone
white dyed (11:18:44 PM): He can hide behind Naruto, as he is immune to Byakugan-glare.
PikaBot (11:19:04 PM): Well, he'll really hide behind whoever's closest.
white dyed (11:19:10 PM): ... lol.
PikaBot (11:19:13 PM): (it'l probably be Haruhi for the lulz)
white dyed (11:19:19 PM): (Poor, poor boy.)
eighth helleluia (11:19:46 PM): [20:18] pikabot: Well, he'll really hide behind whoever's closet.
eighth helleluia (11:19:48 PM): :|b
white dyed (11:20:00 PM): ... again with closets.
eighth helleluia (11:20:04 PM): :DDD
the donut outlaw (11:20:08 PM): LOL
NebbieQ (11:20:15 PM): I'm sorry bbs :|
PikaBot (11:20:15 PM): How do you hide BEHIND a closet?
PikaBot (11:20:25 PM): I mean, inside, OK, you can hide there
PikaBot (11:20:28 PM): but behind?
eighth helleluia (11:20:29 PM): ... by getting into the space behind the closet and the wall? :<
PikaBot (11:21:11 PM): Also Fyre did you just, by logical extension, suggest Hanatarou/Haruhi closet sex?
white dyed (11:21:19 PM): ... LOL.
eighth helleluia (11:21:19 PM): I do believe I did :D
white dyed (11:21:21 PM): hfiasd.
othermenialtasks (11:21:25 PM): ...
PikaBot (11:21:34 PM): That is a frightening thought.
white dyed (11:21:40 PM): I'd read it.
eighth helleluia (11:21:40 PM): LOOOL
eighth helleluia (11:21:43 PM): me too :D
eighth helleluia (11:21:55 PM): Hanatarou's probably a pedo
eighth helleluia (11:21:58 PM): gj Soul Society aging
the donut outlaw (11:22:02 PM): rofl
PikaBot (11:22:08 PM): Hana would wail no fewer than five times. And by wail I don't mean any sort of ecstatic outburst, I mean wails of D:
PikaBot (11:26:20 PM): ...goddamit, now I'm probably going to write Hanatarou/Haruhi closet sex porn, and it'll be all your fault.
NebbieQ (11:26:55 PM): Hahaha
white dyed (11:27:11 PM): I want to see if/when it is completed just for the lulz.
PikaBot (11:27:32 PM): I suspect that that is precisely with the sky tits comm is for.
eighth helleluia (11:27:56 PM): do want pooooorn
othermenialtasks (11:27:58 PM): Luls.
eighth helleluia (11:28:00 PM): SUSPECT NO LONGER

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