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Second Verse; Same as the first, but with variation

Second day of Comic-Con. I've managed to get a sunburn. But not all over my arms or something, like you would expect. No, I've successfully managed to sunburn just a tiny patch on my left arm. It's about an inch and a half long, half an inch wide, ovally-shaped. How I managed this I have no idea.

For panels today, I eschewed the practical side of things and went for promotional stuff. First I headed to Marvel's annual 'Cup of Joe' panel with Joe Quesada. here were other people there too, who mostly I forget but Orson Scott Card, Reginald Hudlin, and Jeph Loeb were among the panelists. During the panel, Jeph Loeb kept RANDOMLY plugging his Ultimatum series, which was amusing at first but got old really quickly. And then, they showed us a clip from the upcoming Black Panther animated series.

Now, let me be plain. A Black Panther animated series, created by BET, with Reginald Hudlin at the wheel? Being good was never on the table. Only various levels of failure. But it was worse than I ever dared to imagine. It featured ancient tribal african warriors talking like characters out of The Boondocks (KISS MY BUTT WAKANDA? Seriously?) and 'animation' that's really just them taking John Romita Jr. art, separating the individual parts of the body, and tweening them together. It looks like it was made by Assfuck McGee in his basement with an ancient version of flash. It's that bad.

Directly afterwards, there was the Spectacular Spider-man panel, which was all kinds of great. They showed us a 'best of' reel from the first season, and a preview of season two. I'm really looking forward to season two. They also revealed that for the DVD releases, they're actualy recutting each three-episode arc into a full movie, with new content that was either cut for S&P purposes or added to fill in the storytelling gaps. Looks pretty great.

And then the Avatar panel. OH MY GOD THE AVATAR PANEL. It was huge, it was loud, it was incredible. Mike and Bryan are hilarious. I want them to keep making shit together for the rest of their lives.
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