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Since there isn't an existing screencap archive of Last Exile (at least, none that I've found despite weeks of searching), I've taken it upon myself to create one. We're starting small here: just the opening.

Mediafire Links

Opening (49.49 MB)

Photobucket Gallery


Note: After I did my first pass, I noticed that some iconic shots were missing, so I went back again to grab them. But I forgot to hide the progress bar and menu when doing so. Whoops! it doesn't interfere with the picture at all, so I decided it wasn't worth the hassle of going back and doing it again. If you want to use those you can easily just crop that out, and there's only five, I think, like that. Maximum. Just, uh, letting y'all know.

All these screencaps are in .png, to prevent quality loss. You can use and abuse these screencaps in any way you see fit (graphics, icons, etc), although if you credit me when you posted the end product I'd be highly appreciative.

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