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Episode two now screencapped, ready for download.

Batch Links

Opening (49.49 MB) [Mediafire]
Episode 1A (244 MB) [Mediafire 1 2 3] [Sendspace]
Episode 1B (200 MB) [Mediafire 1 2 3] [Sendspace]
Episode 2A (136 MB) [Mediafire 1 2] [Sendspace]
Episode 2B (176 MB) [Mediafire 1 2] [Sendspace]

Photobucket Gallery

Episode 1A
Episode 1B
Episode 2A
Episode 2B

I'm not sure why the number of pictures is decreasing, I think I'm just getting better at discerning what does and doesn't need capping.

All these screencaps are in .png, to prevent quality loss. You can use and abuse these screencaps in any way you see fit (graphics, icons, etc), although if you credit me when you posted the end product I'd be highly appreciative.

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