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SO! I said I would have a non-iconspam post, and here it is.

Today I got to get my musician on. See, there's this camp owned run by the Presbytery (which is part of the Presbyterian Church), called Gracefield Camp and Conference Center. Nice little place. Good property. But also in a pretty dire financial situation. So, they held a Gala/Silent Auction fundraiser today, and my family volunteered to provide some musical entertainment. The Band was me on piano, my mother on guitar, and my little brother Brent on fiddle and drum. We tried to get my other younger brother Ross to join in on bass, but he was an assface and declined. Phooey on him.

We just did three songs: first was one of Brent's fiddle pieces, with me and my mom accompanying on piano and guitar. The second song was We'll Carry On by Jimmy Rankin. We put Brent on the drum for that one. And then for the last song was just me and my mother, and we did an altered version of If I Had A Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies. We changed the words to reflect all the stuff that Gracefield needed to buy: A ride-on mower, a portable hard drive, a color laser printer, a new septic system, etc. People really enjoyed that one, especially when I explained that the reason why we needed to buy safety stuff for that new chainsaw was "so Alan can keep all his extremities".

So, that's how I spent my day. I think it went pretty well. A lot of fun. And we got a free turkey dinner out of it! Win/Win!
Tags: barenaked ladies, gracefield, irl, jimmy ranking, music, piano

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